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10 people you should be related to (other than Amelia)

Atticus “Link” Lincoln is a relatively new surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy, which has just joined Season 15. However, he has since become embroiled in some pretty heavy love triangles. Eventually, however, he settled down with Amelia Shepherd in season 17.

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Unfortunately, the two went their separate ways and now Link is single again. Fortunately, if he wants to leave Amelia, there are a lot of characters in Grey’s Anatomy, past and present, which might better suit this carefree orthopedic surgeon.

Izzie Stevens

While these two are unlikely to meet, Izzie and Link would make one of the Grey’s Anatomythe best couples. Izzie was generally an incredibly positive person during his tenure on the show. She would go to great lengths to help all of her patients.


Link has a similar playful disposition. He is determined to try to see the good in the world. They could also make connections around their shared experiences of getting cancer and eventually beating it. It’s something incredibly intimate and terrifying, and they could really help each other out.

Callie Torres

Callie Torres from Grey's Anatomy smiling and looking slightly off camera

The main theme that Callie Torres and Link would bond over is obviously their love of orthopedic surgery. Callie was the original bone specialist, but Link was by no means a bad substitute. Imagine these two in a long, exhausting surgery together. Sparks would fly!

Also, their sense of humor is very similar to each other and it would be lovely to see them go from friends on casual dates to a real relationship in their own right. While Calzona is an endgame for many, “Callink” would also be pretty amazing.

Cristina Yang

Cristina Yang

Cristina is one of the Gray anatomythe best characters. She and Link might not be the perfect match in theory, but their relationship would actually be pretty funny. Cristina isn’t exactly pessimistic, but she does have a rather bleak outlook on life at times, which would likely drive Link crazy trying to fix it.

However, unlike Cristina’s ex Preston Burke, Link would never try to change who Cristina is. He would accept her and love her, and Cristina would have someone who would support her no matter what, even if she laughed at him relentlessly because he was infinitely cheerful.

Meredith Gray

Meredith and Link look at each other in Grey's Anatomy

Meredith and Link were involved in a brief love triangle in the first part of Season 15, but for many fans, they didn’t really stand still. Plus, apparently no one can match Derek Shepherd. However, if Link had had a chance, maybe he and Meredith could have had a healthy relationship.

Link was clearly a natural with children and it has since been revealed that he wants a big family. He would be a great stepfather to the children of Mer. Plus, his positive outlook might offset Meredith’s darker and more dramatic tendencies.

Heather brooks

Heather Brooks standing in Grey's Anatomy

Except for the likely possibility that Brooks and Link are alarmingly optimistic, these two would actually be pretty sweet together. Link’s maturity would serve to anchor Brooks whenever she got too hyper, which was often and always.

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Additionally, Brooks would still support Link’s feelings and be less likely to fire him. She would also join him in dressing up as Santa Claus for the children’s service at Christmas, which would be hilarious and utterly adorable.

Andy herrera

Andy Herrera smiling on Station 19

Judging by the way things are going between Andy and Sullivan on Station 19, Andy needs someone in her life who will support her. Link is a lot, but he does his best to support everyone, whether or not they agree with their decisions.

Link is not child’s play though. He’ll stand up and voice his opinion if he thinks it’s the right thing to do, which Andy needs on occasion. However, Link would never go to the steamroller Andy or his family. In return, Andy would open up to him, creating a healthy relationship.

Stephanie edwards

All of Stéphanie’s relationships ended badly. Jackson Avery ran away with April Kepner and poor Kyle Diaz died on the operating table. If she had stayed a few more seasons, maybe Steph and Link would have had a chance at happiness.

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There is no way that Link would ever abandon Stephanie in such a cruel way and in return, she would eventually learn to trust him. These two could be quite cute together as they complement each other perfectly.

Charlotte king

Charlotte king

Honestly, Charlotte King would have a chemistry with almost anyone in the Grey’s Anatomy universe. Easily the best character to date Private practice, it’s a shame she never appeared on the parents’ show.

She and Link would definitely give their money’s worth. Charlotte’s acerbic wit would confuse Link at first, but he wouldn’t give up. On the contrary, we would see these two flirting outrageously with each other until they eventually succumb to one of the cutest relationships ever.

April Kepner

April Kepner left just before Link arrived, so it’s such a shame we didn’t get to see these two together. April and Link would work so well together because they are generally such positive people and they would support each other so much.

However, they’ve both been to dark places as well, so they understand that the universe isn’t all about sun and rainbows. April lost her baby in one of the Grey’s Anatomy saddest episodes, and Link lost his ideal family, so if tragedy happened to them again, they could help and support each other.

Jo wilson

Grays Anatomy Jo and Link romance

Jo and Link seem to be the ideal couple. They’ve known each other for a very long time, even before coming to Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Originally, they started out as best friends, which was going well until Link admitted he had a huge crush on Jo.

Link is practically perfect for Jo as he knows all of her secrets, including Paul and Alex, and he’s been by her side no matter what. And he’s what Jo needs too – a kind, supportive shoulder to lean on. They also have good jokes and a great relationship.

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