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£11m investment offer submitted for Hucknall

Ashfield District Council has submitted an ambitious £11million bid to the government’s leveling fund for the revitalization of Hucknall town centre.

The offer is made up of three main projects:

Skills and economic regeneration

  • Support the Council’s education and skills strategy which sets out intentions to ensure Ashfield has a skilled and sustainable workforce
  • Storefront improvement grant opportunities to help businesses improve the exterior of their premises and seed grants to enable new businesses to thrive
  • Exploring ways to expand Hucknall’s thriving outdoor markets

Cultural and heritage gateway

  • Celebrating Hucknall’s legacy by creating a new experience for visitors to St Mary Magdalene’s Church focusing on Hucknall’s most famous residents of the past
  • Improving the streets, roads and public space around the Byron Cinema to create a welcoming entrance into Hucknall town center
  • A new 3G sports ground for local residents

Access to downtown Hucknall

  • Improvement of signage and creation of a digital application to improve access to the city center for pedestrians and cyclists. This will help and encourage residents and visitors to move around Hucknall using more sustainable and healthier methods.
  • Improvement of comfort and reception at the station/tramway

The leveling fund submission complements the council’s municipal fund projects currently underway in Sutton and Kirkby.

Cllr Matthew Relf, ​​Senior Executive Member for Corporate Regeneration and Transformation, said: “Council’s vision is to create a vibrant and thriving town center in Hucknall and this bid will help achieve that goal. We’ve been hugely successful in securing millions of pounds in funding for Sutton and Kirkby, so we have high hopes for this bid for Hucknall.

“Hucknall Town Center has the potential to be the beating heart of the district and this bid capitalizes on that. Our goal is to improve access to the city to attract more visitors and businesses to revitalize the city center. Cultural and heritage enhancements will celebrate Hucknall’s rich heritage and provide new opportunities for people to learn about this history. This offer is great and represents the Council’s ambitions for Hucknall to be a modern and fantastic place to live, work and visit.

Cllr Lee Waters, Councilor for Hucknall North, said: “I am delighted that Hucknall’s £11m funding offer has reached the government. It is the culmination of 18 months of hard work by Hucknall’s advisers and Council officers. It will respond to our vision of creating a dynamic and prosperous downtown.

“It’s hugely ambitious and will be one of the biggest investments in our city in decades. It will focus on improving life chances for residents, investing in turbo charging, accelerating public transport improvements – all while remembering our heritage. This is our chance to make meaningful changes that will benefit Hucknall for generations to come.