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1Password now lets you share files and documents with a link

Last year, 1Password started letting you securely share anything in your 1Password vault with anyone, even if the recipient doesn’t use 1Password.

Fast forward to today and the popular password manager now lets you securely share files and documents via a link. This means the recipient also doesn’t need to have an account to view the shared items.

With this new development, you can now easily and securely share 1Password documents and files such as logins, secure notes, identities, and credit card information. It’s as simple as sharing a password.

How 1Password Document and File Sharing Works

When you want to share a file or document in your vault with someone via a link, 1Password will present you with options to select who can see it. You can select “anyone with the link” or “people you specify”.

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If you select the latter, the recipient will need a verification code to access the file or document you’re sharing. 1Password will generate this one-time code and send it via email.

1Password also lets you specify an expiration date for the link you generate. After this time, it will become unusable. You also have the option to make the link self-destruct after the first view.

1password share link and expiration date
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The files and documents you share will all be accessible on the 1Password website. If the recipient has a 1Password account, they can easily view, copy, download, and save shared items to their 1Password account.

On the other hand, recipients who don’t have a 1Password account can only access, view, and copy shared items to other non-1Password locations. You can share links in chat, SMS, email or anywhere and however you want.

1Password also lets you share files and documents with an entire company’s email domain while being able to individually verify each recipient while maintaining other privacy settings you choose.

Go ahead and share it

Whatever you want to share from your 1Password Vault, you can go ahead and share it using the new 1Password Item Sharing feature. Just open it, share it and send it.

Link sharing on 1Password is pretty much similar to link sharing on Google Drive, only the link shared in the former has an expiration date and a lot more privacy controls than the latter.

Additionally, 1Password also allows recipients to view the links you share with them in their preferred language and now features an updated user interface.

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