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200 ha network of nature parks to connect Labrador Nature Reserve to nearby green spaces by 2025

Reserved green space on the Keppel Club site, which is slated for housing redevelopment, will also be part of the new nature parks network, Mr Lee said.

“Labrador’s new Nature Parks System will add nearly 30 km of new nature trails, park connectors and natureways for residents and visitors.

“It will provide a total of 40km of such space for Singaporeans to explore in this region,” he told media at launch.

Nature Park Systems refers to a network of green buffers that protect Singapore’s nature reserves from nearby development.

Buffer zones take the form of natural parks and other green spaces and also function as ecological corridors.

Singapore currently has two other natural park systems.

These are the Central Nature Park System surrounding the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the Sugei Buloh Nature Park System surrounding the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

The Labrador Nature Reserve, located along the southern coast of Singapore, is the closest nature reserve to the city center.

It includes two habitats ꟷ a coastal hill forest and a rocky shore. Both are home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, including over 100 species of birds, 41 species of butterflies, 15 species of mangroves and four species of seagrass.

Mr Lee said an island-wide study to map the ecological profile and connectivity of green spaces across Singapore had identified important ecological connectors between the Southern Ridges and the Labrador Nature Reserve, in parts of Alexandra via the Keppel Club and the wooded area of ​​Berlayer. Stream.

“We will strengthen these corridors through the Labrador Nature Parks System – north from Pasir Panjang Park to Southern Ridges, and west to West Coast Park,” Lee said.

To this end, the Government will develop more than 25 ha of new green spaces.

They include a new nature park along Alexandra Creek which will be completed around 2025, a new park at King’s Dock which will be completed by 2024, and a new extension of Pasir Panjang Park which will be completed this year.

A new natural park at Berlayer Creek and reserved green spaces on the Keppel Club site will be realized in parallel with the development of social housing apartments in the area.

“We will also restore and enhance existing habitats in the Labrador Nature Reserve, including Coast Hill and Coast Beach Forest,” Lee added.

Mr. Lee said the government will work closely with the community to design and plant these green spaces.