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Above High Point Market, how Nice Link capitalizes on the view from its showroom

The Nice Link showroom lets in lots of natural light.

HIGH POINT— Located on the 10th floor of the Market Square Towers in High Point Market, Nice Link’s 14,000 square foot showroom offers a unique 360-degree view of High Point. Sunlight streams in through floor-to-ceiling windows providing a rarity at High Point: the ability to view upholstered furniture in natural light.

Given its location, how does Nice Link attract customers who may not be familiar with an upholstery manufacturer in a building that traditionally houses textile producers? The difference with Nice Link is that it is both a textile supplier/producer and an upholstery manufacturer, so for the company the location makes sense.

Opened in 2015, the showroom includes a 12,000 square foot furniture showroom, a 1,500 square foot fabric showroom and a common area.

Jay Carlson

When Nice Link first opened the space, Chairman Jay Carlson said, “Although many retailers knew us – many didn’t know where Market Square Towers was – but everyone knows the ‘canopy building’ greens” and we had to send cards. Retailers were able to find the space, and “like fine wine”, which takes time to grow, the space has received increasingly positive feedback from customers, according to Carlson.

The fact that the company is not located in a busier space works for Nice Link, according to Carlson. “Everyone who comes here understands that. We debated the move and asked the retailers. They like the fact that we’re not trying to sell or show everyone who walks by. There is an air of exclusivity with our showroom. You are not going to find random people walking around this space.

“We have a unique offer. Really, we’re not the biggest and we don’t want to be,” Carlson said.

According to Carlson, Nice Link paid attention to its distribution and sales channels. “We have to design every part of our segment which is a mix of OEM and direct retail. We provide OEM for brands on different national retail floors.”

Since Nice Link’s divisions cover both textile and furniture production, Carlson noted that the company makes sure that its fabric customers don’t feel like they’re competing with customers. retail upholstery. “What we do on the fabric side is help them on value and unique styles. We want to protect the people we sell in different parts of our business.”

According to Carlson, amid all the shipping and supply chain tensions and tariffs, Nice Link considered moving to Vietnam but opted to stay in China where the company had already established operations where it could do his best. work.

“We were a mid to high level leather maker. Retailers often see us as ‘you are my item seller’, the one hit wonder. What I find is that I can have five wonders at a hit on their floor, and then it’s a program. We don’t have to fill a plant with 1,000 containers a month; we’re okay with 500-600 a month. We deliver more perceived value to our customers,” Carlson noted.

The Nice Link showroom underscores the company’s focus on exclusive products with its stunning views and unique location.

Looking to the future

With all the upheaval in the industry over the past few years, Carlson said, “I think we may have been in a recession for a while. There was a tsunami of inventory. We are now seeing new orders coming in and it’s back to normal.

For the upcoming High Point Market, Carlson said, with freight rates and lead times dropping, retailers are in a better position to place orders. “I feel like this will finally be a market where people can make the changes that they’ve been talking about for the past few years.”

Since so many retailers have had frames on the floor for the past three to four years and are looking for a major refresh, Carlson sees the market as product and color driven right now. With prices higher than before, customers need to get greater perceived value for their furniture investment.

Nice Link is focusing its design efforts on adding more colors, features and different looks, as millennials are more interested in transitional styles to modern styles than baby boomers, according to Carlson.

The company’s focus on staying lean with materials, delivery times and being as quick to market as possible provides Nice Link with the ability to pivot if it needs to “hold the brakes”, a said Carlson, who remains optimistic and enjoys the view from the top of the Tower.

Nice Link is located in the Market Square tower, spaces 1002, 1006 and 1008.

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