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AI-LINK closes new round of strategic funding with participation from AsiaInfo and Singtel Innov8

BEIJING, October 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AI-LINK, a new digital infrastructure provider focused on industrial sites, recently announced the closing of a new strategic funding round led by AsiaInfo with participation from Singtel Innov8. Funds raised will be primarily used for product innovation and technology iteration, as well as rapid promotion and commercial deployment of new digital solutions to improve AI-LINK’s global business landscape.

While the idea of ​​sustainable development is widely adopted, digital transition is a popular strategy applied by major countries around the world to seize the opportunity of technological revolution and industrial transformation. It is even more impressive that in the development process of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), the complete connection, integration and processing of factors of production led by the deep integration of OICT (Operational Information Communication Technology) have achieved remarkable results in terms of sustainable development, reducing carbon emissions as well as improving quality and efficiency, which has become a consensus among the communication software industry and telecommunications operators of the whole world.

AI-LINK focuses on 5G edge intelligence and OICT convergence in industrial sites, providing end-to-end local 5G products, lightweight industrial edge intelligence centers and application management platforms to meet the needs of industrial customers for one-stop, low-cost and scenario-based solutions. AI-LINK is committed to building new ICT infrastructure for industrial sites as well as fostering the digital development of industry.

With deep understanding of 5G edge computing and industry know-how, AI-LINK has provided scenario-based “5G+IIoT” solutions to leading enterprises in various fields, such as building materials, warehousing, 3C and high-end manufacturing.

The launch of AI-LINK 5G local data integration solution on SAP Store demonstrates AI-LINK’s contribution to providing Chinese 5G data mining experience to hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. world. AI-LINK and Siemens have also jointly developed a series of end-to-end scenario-based 5G data mining and control solutions, realizing industrial-grade wireless interactive communication between PLC (Industrial Programmable Logic Controller), superior monitoring system and distributed I/O. (Enter exit).

Together with Amazon Web Services, AI-LINK is exploring a “cloud-net-edge-end” convergence business model. AI-LINK is also helping a leading global e-commerce company achieve the industry’s first simultaneous operation of hundreds of 5G AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) in its Shanghai smart warehouse, allowing flexible production and real-time decision. In order to promote the digital and intellectual upgrading of industries, AI-LINK enters the portfolio of strategic partners of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing to disseminate a series of standards for the digital warehouse.

Yingzhe Ding, Founder and CEO of AI-LINK, said, “AI-LINK is actively engaged in building new digital infrastructure as a change agent. We are excited to work with customers and industry partners to promote long-term sustainability. Of the industry.”

About AsiaInfo

Founded in 1993, AsiaInfo Technologies Limited (known as AsiaInfo) is a leading provider of software products, solutions and services and a leading provider of comprehensive digital and intelligent capabilities. Equipped with seven digital and intelligent core capabilities, including consulting planning, product R&D, implementation and delivery, system integration, intelligent decision-making, data mining and service customer, AsiaInfo provides comprehensive end-to-end digital intelligence support for customers in various industries such as telecommunications, government affairs, energy, finance, transportation and postal services. With CMMI level 5 (Software Capability Maturity Model Integration Level 5) international certification, AsiaInfo has a deep understanding of IT and network environment and business operational needs, and has a portfolio of more than 500 software products. “carrier-grade” with high reliability, high stability and high availability.

About Singtel Innov8

Established in 2010, Singtel Innov8 is Singtel’s venture capital fund, from Asia leader in communication technologies. With a permanent fund of $350 million, Innov8 invests in and partners with start-ups with promising innovations and possible applications for the diverse business needs of the Singtel Group. By leveraging the Singtel Group’s presence in 21 countries in Asia, Australia and Africa With a combined total reach of over 770 million mobile customers and partnerships with local and global stakeholders, Innov8 helps start-ups scale and go beyond their home markets. Innov8 is managed by its own set of decision-making, approval and investment processes.

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