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APC Convention: Do not put me in contact with any candidate

From Gyang Bere, Jos

The Chief Executive of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Sir Joseph Ari, has sounded the alarm over fake campaign posters printed by troublemakers to express his support for Senator Umoru Tanko Almakura and the Deputy Governor of Plateau State, Professor Sonni Tyoden. ahead of the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Convention in Abuja.

Ari, who spoke to reporters in Jos on Sunday, said his posters were printed by unidentified troublemakers, who alleged he was vying for the South Plateau senatorial seat while his support went to Almakura. for APC National President and Professor Tyoden for Plateau Governor in 2023. .

He debunked the insinuation that he is contesting the 2023 election and said he had no knowledge of the posters in circulation as he asked security agencies to arrest anyone found with such posters.

Ari has described the posters in circulation as fake and deliberately printed by his detractors for the sole purpose of bringing him down for a reason yet to be identified.

“What caught my attention was that in their desperate attempts they printed campaign posters suggesting that I aspire to elective office, and also soliciting support for the aspirations of some candidates who are vying for office. electives to the APC in the upcoming APC National Convention.

“I have also been reliably informed that these disaffected elements are plotting to flood the convention venue with these posters in order to sow distrust and discord and thereby generate resentment for their own selfish ends.

“I have never considered and do not plan to compete for elected office in the near future. I am currently busy and fully engaged in the heavy responsibility of deploying the ITF mandate to equip Nigerians with skills for the employability and entrepreneurship.

“The public is therefore advised to disregard any campaign poster indicating that I, Sir Joseph N. Ari, are running for elective office, or in favor of the ambition of any candidate at the next convention of the APC, because it is false, baseless and not deserving of any attention.

Ari urged troublemakers to heed the Reverend Father’s words. Evaristus Abu, who says, “If you try to pull people down, you will stay down forever. None of us are deceived by God. No human being is devoid of special gifts and abilities. God has planted a vine in you and He expects to see your fruits. Be careful when you start criticizing continuously, you can just play your fancy.

He explained that he took pains to show the public the true picture of what happened before the event, as it might be very difficult for the public to accept his explanation once the deed was done.