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Apple now supports unlisted apps: how to request a link for an unlisted app

Good news for app developers! Apple now supports apps not listed in the App Store.

Also, there are some important factors that should be considered, including the link request for an unlisted app.

Apple now supports unlisted apps

Macrumors reported that Apple will now allow programmers to publish unlisted apps through the App Store, which can only be accessed by people with a direct link.

While unlisted apps are not viewable by the general public, categories, charts, or app store recommendations, they are still available to administrators through Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.

Additionally, the Cupertino-based tech company said unlisted apps are best for a narrow audience, like attendees of a special event, members of an organization, participants in a research study, or a specific set. of employees.

On the other hand, the tech giant also clarified that through a standard link that can be used on the App Store and Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager, specific audiences.

Said audiences that may be affected are part-time employees, franchisees, partners, affiliates, college students or conference attendees.

“Employee-owned devices that cannot be managed through Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager,” Apple added in its post.

Additionally, this unlisted app feature can also be used by all supported regions of the app store.

However, developers must first file a request with Apple in order to obtain an unlisted application and obtain a link.

The Verge also added that apps that have only been authorized for private download on Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager require additional actions from developers.

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How to request a link for an unlisted app

To emphasize further, Apple has shared the detailed process for requesting a link for an unlisted app.

To acquire a link to an unlisted app, developers must first submit a request through that link.

After that, complete the request form if the app has not yet been reviewed or approved for public download on the app store.

If the software has already been approved for private download through Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, developers will need to create a new app registration in App Store Connect, upload the binary, and set the distribution mode to Public before completing the application form.

Then, once the request is approved, the app distribution method in the Pricing and Availability section of the app registration will change to Unlisted App, and this will apply to all future versions of the app .

Once it has been changed to Unlisted, the usual application publishing procedure can then be followed.

Developers should keep in mind that applications that are not listed must be ready for final distribution.

Requests for beta or pre-release software will be rejected.

Following approval, a link will be issued to the developer to access the software on the App Store as well as Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager.

If the application is already in the App Store, the current link will remain unchanged.

In the meantime, if the developer uses a URL shortener, be sure to test the shortened link to make sure it works.

Anyone with access to the URL can use the unlisted apps. Consider including a security feature in your application to prevent unauthorized access.

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