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BAYC Founder’s Twitter Impersonators Posted Phishing Link

Vladislav Sopov

No, Greg Solano is not launching the next Bored Apes collection: do not fall victim to sophisticated scams


  • Beware: Scammers are impersonating BAYC’s Greg Solano
  • Fake $APE Airdrops Flooded Twitter

PeckShield, a leading cryptocurrency security research firm, noticed that the scammers had created a copy of Greg Solano, co-founder of the biggest NFT studio, Yuga Labs.

Beware: Scammers are impersonating BAYC’s Greg Solano

According to the tweet shared by PeckShield, the bad guys started an account posing as NFT veteran Greg Solano, founder of BAYC’s Yuga Labs studio.

The scammers posted a link to a website of a non-existent premint of the BAYC type collection. For a fraudulent profile, they used real links to the Premint service and the main Yuga Labs website. Moreover, they managed to reach the exact number of followers of Greg Solana’s real account.

Scammers impersonate BAYC's Greg Solano
The link to the fraudulent website is blurry

What claims to be a new collection from Yuga Labs is a phishing website that attempts to steal money from investors in favor of the “Monkey Drainer” Ethereum (ETH) wallet.


As such, NFT enthusiasts should avoid visiting this website, let alone connecting their metamasks and approving transactions. Mr. Solano has already confirmed that this campaign is a blatant scam:

Usual reminder to beware of fraudulent accounts on the bird app. No surprise mints (or premints).

He also pointed out that his team does not launch “surprise” mint or pre-up campaigns without official announcements.

Fake $APE Airdrops Flooded Twitter

The criminals also used the logos of Bored Apes Yacht Club, the most expensive NFT collection ever, and leading NFT-focused venture capital firm, Animoca Brands.

Finally, they claim to launch a blockchain game backed by the Apecoin (APE) cryptocurrency. It should be noted that Twitter was inundated with fake APE airdrops in Q4 2022.

Typically, scammers ask investors to send them APEs in order to return deposits with 100% bonuses or simply share personal data with the teams behind shady airdrops.