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BBC The Weakest Link: Tamzin Outhwaite’s devastating split from the Welsh actor and how she found love with a man 20 years younger

Known for playing Mel Healy in EastEnders, actress Tamzin Outhwaite will appear on The Weakest Link on Saturday January 15.

The actress rose to fame in EastEnders where her character had a dramatic love life not too dissimilar to Tamzin’s private life.

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Tamzin met Welsh actor Tom Ellis, the star of Lucifer, after being introduced by mutual friend and actor James McAvoy.

They married in 2006 in Somerset and have two daughters together, Marnie and Florence, and they divorced in 2014 when Marnie was just 13 months old.

The relationship broke down when Tom admitted he had a one-night stand with Emilie de Ravin, his Once Upon A Time co-star.

Since the divorce, Tamzin has hinted that it was more than a one-night stand that caused the end of their marriage, she told Essentials magazine, “I wouldn’t be with my husband for a one-night stand. one night, that’s all I’ll say.”

However, Tamzin seems to have found her happy ending since divorcing another Tom, 20 years her junior.

The actress is currently dating actor and documentary filmmaker Tom Child and they have been together since 2018. They met in 2017 at a yoga class and became good friends before reuniting.

Tazmin and Tom Ellis have two children together

Speaking of Lorraine in 2020, Tazmin said she doesn’t care what people think about the age difference and her daughters loving her as the most important factor.

And in an interview, she said she was happier than ever right now.

“The main thing is that I live in the present, which I’ve never really done. I always said: ‘Oh, when I have a child’, ‘Oh, when I get married’, “Oh, when I buy this house”.

‘Whereas now, for the first time in my life, I’m not going, ‘Oh, when I… ‘whatever.'”

Tamzin has famous connections as her cousin is Dan Baldwin, husband of This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby, who is a TV producer for shows like The Wheel and Breaking Dad. You can read more about Dan here.

After leaving school, Tamzin joined the London Studio Center to study acting and dance from there and starred in The Bill and Men Behaving Badly.

Her big break came when she joined EastEnders in 1998 and she left the soap in 2002, before returning to Albert Square from 2017 to 2019 when her character was killed off.

After EastEnders, Tamzin landed roles in ITV drama The Fixer, BBC sci-fi crime series Paradox and BBC comedy-drama New Trick.

In 2021, Tamzin performed The Masked Dancer as Scarecrow, reaching the finals and finishing fourth. She also starred in Ridley Road last year and guest starred in Death in Paradise in 2022.

The Weakest Link airs on BBC One at 6.10pm on Saturday January 15.

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