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BJC chief optimistic about Belt and Road link

Mr Aswin is pictured on the right (below), in a webcast of the 7th Belt and Road Summit.

Aswin Techajareonvikul, Managing Director and Chairman of Berli Jucker Plc (BJC), represented Southeast Asia as a business leader at the 7th Belt and Road Summit.

He was invited by Commerce Secretary of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Edward Lau to speak at the event under the theme “Collaborating for a Bright New Era”.

Aswin began his remarks by outlining Chinese President Xi Jinping’s goals for the Belt and Road Initiative.

He also referred to the connectivity between peoples which can build a new platform for international cooperation, in order to create new engines of shared development.

Additionally, Aswin said the One Belt, One Road policy is popular in Thailand as it is in line with Thailand’s 20-year strategy and Thailand 4.0 industrial policy, including projects in the Eastern Economic Corridor.

He said Thailand sees huge trade and investment opportunities with neighboring countries using the Belt and Road link to global markets, especially markets in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Pakistan. Vietnam.

Regarding the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) to which Thailand became a signatory on January 1, more raw materials and intermediate products produced at RCEP sites will be able to flow freely between participants up and down the chain. supply without trade barriers, as 90% of all goods are expected to have zero import duties in 20 years, Mr Aswin said.

He said RCEP offers perfect synergy with the One Belt, One Road initiative.

Mr. Aswin stressed that the Thai Minister of Commerce fully supports the One Belt, One Road policy, as well as the benefits of RCEP.

Other panelists included Rod Eddington, Chairman of Infrastructure Partnership Australia; John Key, former Prime Minister of New Zealand; Liu Liange, President of the Bank of China; YK Pang, Deputy Managing Director and Chairman of Hong Kong Jardine Matheson Holdings; and the JP Morgan Asia-Pacific Advisory Council.

The plenary session was chaired by Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po.