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BOTW Player shares an easy trick to make the link fireproof

A Breath of the Wild player has discovered a surprisingly simple method to prevent Link from catching fire in the extreme Eldin heat.

A fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild found a surprisingly simple method to prevent Link from catching fire in the volcanic heat of the Eldin region. Extreme temperatures are a common threat to Link’s survival throughout the game; many areas of the map are plagued by freezing cold or scorching desert sun, but in goron territory around The Legend of Zeldaof the famous Mountain of Death, the air is so hot that Link is in danger of catching fire.

In order to survive these extreme conditions, breath of the wild provides the player with a number of solutions. Players can use breath of the wildto produce dishes and elixirs that will allow Link to temporarily withstand the elements, but an easier method is to simply purchase outfits that will provide long-lasting protection. Such an outfit can be found in Goron City to keep Link from igniting, and it’s anything but necessary for players who want to go on extended excursions around Link’s house. The Legend of Zeldathe iconic Gorons.


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But players who want a less orthodox solution can turn to Reddit user Champions-Descendant, who came up with a nifty trick to protect Link from the flames. A user-uploaded video shows Link attempting the Test of Will challenge, a side quest that charges the player with lasting fiery heat without the aid of elixirs or protective gear. In the video, Link simply drops a piece of ChuChu Jelly at his feet and strikes it with the Master Sword, effectively extinguishing the flames. Champions-Descendant explains that it works because ChuChu jellies work like water in breath of the wildand Link cannot burn while wet.

See the post on Reddit here.

While this is a very smart solution, it’s unlikely to save players much time in the long run. Outside of the Test of Will challenge, wearing fireproof clothing or drinking elixirs is generally a more effective solution than occasionally hitting ChuChu jellies. However, it remains an impressive example of the kind of nifty tricks breath of the wild players can get away with it. Since the game’s initial release in 2017, fans have pushed its inventive mechanics to their limits and achieved remarkable feats on their journey through Hyrule.

Given breath of the wildFrom the long history of brilliant feats and amazing discoveries, it remains to be seen what kinds of achievements players will be able to achieve in its yet unnamed sequel. The second breath of the wild The game is slated for release this year, but right now fans don’t have a specific window or even a real title to work with. Following the disappointment of END 2 not appearing in February’s Nintendo Direct, gamers are wondering when they’ll get their hands on the successor to breath of the wild.

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Source: Champions-Descendant/Reddit

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