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Brazilian Data Link Program Advances with E-LynX Connectivity Tests

AEL Sistemas performed connectivity flight tests of the E-LynX airborne SDR on board two F-5FM aircraft. (Photo: Bianca Viol)

A Brazilian Air Force program to improve network-centric data connectivity has reached an important milestone.

Elbit Systems’ subsidiary, AEL Sistemas, has completed flight testing of E-LynX Airborne software-defined radio (SDR) connectivity with simultaneous multi-channel transmission on a pair of NATO’s F-5FM two-seat fighter aircraft. Brazilian Air Force (FAB), as the last stage of the Link-BR2 program.

In Link-BR2, FAB and prime contractor AEL Sistemas aim to provide encrypted data link and voice communication between FAB aircraft with full digital connectivity.

Features demonstrated during test flights included providing multi-domain situational awareness; allow air-to-air and air-to-ground data links based on a mobile ad hoc network; facilitate the transmission of airborne applications over long distances, including simultaneous audio and data; and displaying a common operational picture that is shared among all airborne and ground members of the network.

The FAB plans to integrate E-LynX Airborne on all its aircraft. Elbit said on January 24 that the next step will see the SDR installed on board Saab Gripen E aircraft.