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Breath of the Wild Link Statue will cost you a lot of rupees

A stunning new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild statue of hero Link atop his rearing horse is dividing fans with its sky-high price tag.

A new statue of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild hero Link has matched its high-quality design with an equally high price.

Fan site ZeldaUniverse posted information about the statue on Twitter, showing off its stunning design and attention to detail. The sculpture, created by British model maker First4Figures, depicts the timeless hero Link atop his majestic prancing steed, dressed in his champion’s blue tunic and Hylian pants. The statue has been realistically textured to give it a realistic appearance and includes details such as Link’s backpack, traveler’s shield and the Sheikah slate. It stands at a height of 22 inches and weighs 20 pounds. Such craftsmanship apparently comes at a cost, however, with the collectible price starting at $700.

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The series of the statue is limited, each creation bearing a numbering to show its exclusivity. Available in three editions (Standard, Exclusive and Bronze), each will also come with an authentication card proving its legitimacy. The exclusive edition has a few extra extras, like a detachable cape for Link and an LED function for his Sheikah slate. The bronze edition sees the statue finished with a cold cast bronze effect instead of the original, colored details. Pre-orders for all versions are open now, with an estimated delivery date of Q3 2023.

Some fans reacted negatively to the price of the statue, saying it was obscene to charge such a figure as household bills rise. Others pointed out that the model was apparently a replica of the official Nintendo amiibo of Link and his horse, available at a much lower price. First4Figure’s past creations, including licensed figures from series like dark souls, metroid and sonic the hedgehogsold well to fans despite the high price tag.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released in 2017 as a launch game for the Nintendo Switch and received rave response from fans and critics, as well as numerous Game of the Year awards. The game is set at the end of the series timeline and sees the hero Link awaken from a hundred-year slumber and work alongside various regional champions to stop the evil Calamity Ganon from destroying the world of Hyrule.

A title still untitled breath of the wild The sequel is currently in development, although Nintendo delayed it until 2023 earlier this year.

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