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Brittany Ferries launches new digital platform to connect holidaymakers with local memory makers

Brittany Ferries, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, has launched a website called with its partner 321 Founded.

The site promises to connect vacationers with local hosts who offer tailored and authentic experiences in their destination.

This move is part of Brittany Ferries’ diversification strategy and is based on the company’s mission to enrich the territories and reveal fabulous destinations to travellers.

“Livelocal is a project that revolves around the three Ds: diversification, digital and destination,” explains Christophe Mathieu, CEO of Brittany Ferries. “Think of it as a meeting place for travelers, introducing them to memory makers in the form of local hosts who provide an exciting and sustainable vacation activity.

“It’s not about replacing what makes a destination appealing, like its beautiful beaches, historic castles or fantastic shopping. It’s about uncovering some of the best kept secrets known only to those who live and work locally. This will help turn a good vacation into a great vacation.

Launched in July, the site already has organizers offering a range of cultural, sporting and heritage activities. Although currently concentrated in Brittany and Aquitaine, activities could be extended to all sites in the Atlantic Arc if this proves popular. In the years to come, this means experiences for travelers visiting Ireland, Green Spain and the UK.

The wallet has already grown since its launch, but Livelocal is actively seeking more participants. “We are looking for hosts who want to pass on their passion for their region, through their local knowledge,” adds Christophe Mathieu.

“What could be more gratifying than sharing your love for Basque pelota or introducing a beginner surfer to the best waves on the Atlantic coast.

The company says potential hosts should contact the following email for more information: [email protected]

Anyone visiting a destination can use the service to find a great holiday experience, not just those traveling with Brittany Ferries.

“We have learned over the past 50 years that the more connections we make, the better the experience for everyone,” concluded Christophe Mathieu. “We have enriched the regions in which we operate, and now we hope to further enrich the people who live and work there.”

Visit the new platform at