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Calyx Token (CLX) Challenges Altcoin Heavy Chainlink (LINK), Cosmos

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Let’s discover the investment potential of a crypto portfolio with Calyx Token, Chainlink and Cosmos

The Calyx Token (CLX) is a new cryptocurrency that will be used as the primary utility coin in the token exchange protocol. The Calyx ecosystem will help aggregate liquidity from various sources to provide easy trading on blockchain networks. Centralized exchanges are highly monopolized and charge hefty commissions. The Calyx ecosystem will help users get fair value and enable real-time token trading. It is non-custodial and non-custodial, which means the funds will remain in your custody at all times. It is a new token and it will grow over time. It could provide even greater returns than Chainlink (LINK) or Cosmos (ATOM). Let’s discover the investment potential of a crypto wallet with these three tokens.


The Calyx ecosystem brings together traders and liquidity providers under one roof

The Calyx ecosystem is a community liquidity protocol that will eventually be governed by a DAO in the future. This will help find liquidity from various sources to provide a quick and easy method to trade tokens at the best prices. The CLX token presale is ongoing here.

The Calyx platform will help transform current token exchange protocol communities and provide instant atomic snapshots in a single transaction. The entire cross-chain transfer process will happen in the background and a user will not have to monitor each step manually.

Users will be able to stake the CLX token to secure voting rights once the DAO is functional. A percentage of the exchange fee will also be paid to the common liquidity pool. The Calyx site plans to include support for other blockchains and is currently being rolled out to the Ethereum network.


The Calyx ecosystem divides users into four categories: Passive liquidity providers are those who invest assets to get a share of trading fees as a reward. Professional liquidity providers will perform market making and also develop tools and strategies for DeFi projects in Calyx. The Token Project Liquidity Provider will create a liquid market and also unlock cross-chain compatibility. The fourth category will include innovators who will help Calyx develop new functionality for the exchange protocol.


Calyx will allow liquidity providers to create a pool on any blockchain network of their choice. This would ensure that in the future anyone could become a liquidator provider and build their own pools. Currently, pool creation is highly regulated and belongs to project owners. As a DAO, Calyx will provide every user with the right to vote for proposals for new liquidity pools.

Truflatation builds an inflation index powered by Chainlink

Decentralized finance company Truflation will use the data provided by Chainlink to come up with an inflation index to track information independently. It will use a new approach and provide reliable information as opposed to government-provided inflation indices that use survey data. The Truflation Index will help measure and report changes in inflation on a daily basis, using real market price data. The system will run on Chainlink and will be accessible and visible to everyone. Chainlink is a price oracle network that allows easy integration of data from outside into blockchain networks.

Cosmos will soon launch Interchain security

Cosmos (ATOM) will soon complete the Interchain Security feature and expects to complete it by the end of this quarter. Version 1 of Interchain Security will be rolled out to the Cosmos ecosystem in Q2 2022. It will allow developers to launch blockchains using the same set of validators as the Cosmos hub. If the Cosmos community accepts such proposals, then the channel can launch immediately and will automatically inherit Cosmos hub security.

Always remember to diversify assets; that’s why we’ve provided three tokens that have the potential to provide good long-term returns. Learn more about the Calyx ecosystem and its features through the links shared below.

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