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Causeway Link cashless payments will start July 1 instead to give commuters more time

Passengers from Singapore to JB Causeway Link are encouraged to use ManjaLink, EZ-Link or NETS FlashPay

While there are now many ways to cross the Singapore-Malaysia border, some people still prefer to take public buses.

One such service is Causeway Link, which runs between Woodlands and Johor Bahru (JB).

The company recently announced that its buses will go cashless from June 1, meaning those who don’t already have cards will need to get one quickly.

To give commuters more time to adjust to this change, they have now extended the transition timeframe to 1 Jul.

Source: Pavement link on Facebook

More time before Causeway Link cashless payments

In a Facebook post on Thursday (June 2) – a day after the cashless movement took effect – Causeway Link announced that it would be extended until July 1.

Source: Pavement link on Facebook

This is because they realized that customers might need more time to get their contactless payment cards.

3 types of cards accepted by Causeway Link

They encouraged passengers to use three types of cards to reduce their boarding time:

  1. ManjaLink
  2. EZ-Link
  3. NET Flash Pay

However, EZ-Link and NETS FlashPay cards can be used at the company’s dedicated stations in Singapore, but are not accepted at checkpoints and inside the bus.

So, ManjaLink seems to be the best choice.

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Customers initially received 9 days notice

Initially, the buses were supposed to go cash-free on June 1 to travel from Singapore to Malaysia.

S’pore to JB Causeway Link buses to use cashless payments, commuters should get ManjaLink cards

However, the announcement was made on May 23, giving customers just nine days notice to prepare for the change.

Some commuters reported that ManjaLink cards were out of stock at more than one retailer.

Source: Pavement link on Facebook

Frustrated netizens have complained that there is no point in switching to cashless payment when passengers cannot find cards anywhere.

Source: Pavement link on Facebook

With the extension until July 1, we hope that all customers will be able to get their cards.

Buy ManjaLink in person, recharge virtually

Commuters can purchase ManjaLink cards at these locations:

  • Kranji Mobile @ Kranji MRT (self-service kiosk)
  • Queen Street Bus Station (self-service kiosk)
  • Admission JP1 at Jurong Point (self-service kiosk)
  • Johor Bahru CIQ
  • Johor Bahru Sentral
  • Gelang Patah Terminal
  • Caltex in Taman Daya

The full list of venues, including their hours of operation and exact locations, can be found on the ManjaLink website here.

While commuters have to go to these places to buy the card, they can then recharge it through the ManjaLink website or the LUGO app.

I hope all commuters will receive cards before July 1st

Frequent travelers from Singapore to JB may appreciate the convenience of using a card rather than paying cash.

However, there is no point in eliminating this hassle if they cannot find contactless payment cards in time.

Hopefully all commuters who need a ManjaLink card can get one before the new deadline.

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