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Chainlink (LINK) News: The Associated Press Partnership That’s Getting Investors Talking About LINK

Chain link (CCC:LINK-USD) has quietly had one of the best years of its cryptocurrency peers. He has gone above and beyond in the partnerships he has signed, especially recently. One of its biggest deals of the year was announced today. Chainlink (LINK) news is doing well to bring it to the attention of crypto bulls and news readers.

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The Chainlink network aggregates some of the most accurate real-time data for use on the blockchain. By using Chainlink, other networks can provide their users with accurate financial data, weather data and beyond. Use cases for Chainlink vary widely; more often than not, developers push Chainlink data into their apps to provide users with the most accurate experience. It also finds a large user base, thanks to the fact that its data can be ported to almost any other blockchain network.

Recently, LINK entered the mainstream crypto investing fold after partnering with the gimbal (CCC:ADA-USD) network. After Cardano’s Alonzo Purple upgrade brought smart contracts onto the network, it became a hotbed for developers who could finally build dapps on the ADA chain. It has become an even more attractive place for dapp development after the Cardano summit in September; the event saw the network announce its partnership with Chainlink to bring real-world data to users.

Chainlink (LINK) News Shows Associated Press Provides Data to Blockchain

The Chainlink network continues to get stronger day by day, but today’s Chainlink (LINK) news is absolutely groundbreaking. The Associated Press, one of the largest news outlets in the world, is launching a node on Chainlink to provide real-time news data to the blockchain.

Through this node, Chainlink will be able to provide app developers with access to real-time news data; this data is also among the most reputable in the world, thanks to the AP’s long-standing credibility. Specifically, AP will provide Chainlink with access to US race calls, sports match results, economic data, and company financial data.

Chainlink says one of its ultimate goals is to connect smart contracts to the real world, and this news will greatly advance its goals. With eyes falling on the network after the announcement, investors are also taking notice. As such, LINK records a 34% increase in trading volume; the coin takes a 4.5% increase in value that day.

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