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Chase fans shocked as player reveals link to Mark Labbett

Chase fans have been left stunned after a contestant revealed his secret connection to Chaser Mark Labbett.

Neil joined three other contestants Kate, Sheila and Joe for a chance to win a cash prize on the ITV show.

Presenter Bradley Walsh greeted Neil on the podium and asked him about his life.

Neil revealed he was from Barry Island and made a Gavin and Stacey reference that made the host laugh.

He answered her quick questions before moving on to the Chaser’s front desk.

Bradley asked the contestant who he would like to face against and he gave a very unexpected answer.

Mark had an unusual connection to the hopeful contestant

Neil said: “I don’t know if I want to take it, Brad, but Mark was one of my teachers at school. One of my math teachers, so it would be interesting to see who is teaching whom today. “

A flabbergasted Bradley couldn’t believe the news and challenged the contestant, who confirmed it was true.

Mark then walked into the studio to thunderous applause from the audience.

Bradley then joked that the couple were “reuniting” and said hello to Mark.

Neil sarcastically called him “sir” while Mark asked him about the “assignment that is 18 years late”.

Bradley was shocked to hear the pair bond
Bradley was shocked to hear the pair bond

Mark then tried to recall his time as a teacher and where he knew him from at “Caldecott Sixth Form”.

The Chaser called him “brilliant”, but “not super brilliant” as he “didn’t remember him”, to which Neil replied that A-Level math was his “end”.

Shocked fans took to Twitter to share their amazement.

One viewer wrote: “Mark taught him everything he knows.”

Another tweeted: “Imagine Mark Labbett as a teacher. He said the kids at school call him Godzilla!”

Former teacher and student clashed
Former teacher and student clashed

Bradley then offered £1,000 and £3,000 to the table, but Mark offered £20,000 to “settle the honeymoon in New Zealand” as Neil originally mentioned.

His other competitors said he was “better than his cash-generating performance” and that he “could take the highest bid”, but the majority of them told him to stick with it. the middle offer so that he can “come back to the table”.

Eventually Neil went for £3,000 and confronted his former teacher.

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