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Christmas pudding ice cream has a connection with the royal pavilion

SHAKE your Christmas table this year with a Christmas pud ice cream bomb from Brighton ice cream maker Seb Cole, says Nick Mosley.

The “bombe glacée” was designed by the French chef Georges Auguste Escoffier, who developed the haute cuisine technique of his predecessor Marie-Antoine Carême, famous chef of the Prince Regent at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

It’s an extravagant, central ice cream dessert that’s frozen in a spherical mold to resemble a cannonball – or in the case of Boho Gelato, a Christmas pudding. Escoffier offers more than 60 recipes in his 19th Century Culinary Guide, while Seb Cole of Boho Gelato has narrowed his selection down to six more reasonable flavors, including three dairy – produced with local milk – and three vegan.

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Seb says his favorite flavor is “Italian” with a filling of chocolate, blood orange, cinnamon and fig.

“Its combination of flavors reminds me of great culinary memories while traveling in Italy,” Seb said.

“My partner Lou and our kids can also try anything I make – they are a popular test panel. Kids always go for the fruity flavors, so they love the raspberry and white chocolate ‘Berries and Snow’, while the ‘Traditional’ stuffed with Christmas pudding and brandy butter is Lou’s favorite.

Seb is still a fan of traditional Christmas puddings and pies, but believes they have started to lose their festive stash, with supermarkets now promoting the holiday season earlier and earlier each year.

“On Christmas Day, people have already eaten so many pies that they’ve already passed a bit of them,” Seb said. “I think that’s why my ice cream versions are great to bring out. They are something a little different and unique rather than more of the same.

Christmas pud bombs are available to order in advance on Boho Gelato’s website – – and can be picked up from their store in Pool Valley, Brighton, or delivered locally for free on Thursdays. December 23.

“They are all made only to order,” Seb added. “So you won’t be able to just come to the store to buy them on an ad hoc basis, although we have our regular wide range of ice creams and sorbets available to take home by the bathtub.”

After a busy year, Seb is looking forward to a big family reunion this Christmas.

“Everything is fine, we will get the whole family together for a meal, a drink and games to catch up on last year.

“As for next year, I want to take more opportunities and have been busy developing some fun new ideas. One of them is the doggie ice cream which my dog ​​Wilby loves and he’s pretty picky. I am convinced that it will be a great success for our paws this summer ”.

Boho Gelato, 6 Pool Valley, Brighton BN1 1NJ,