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Connect Aadhaar to a power connection to get a grant | Chennai News

Chenai: tangedco began linking domestic consumer service connections to their Adhar figures in line with the recently issued government order mandating the continuation of subsidies.
Tangedco Chairman and Managing Director Rajesh Lakhoni said a link to the Aadhaar logo was provided on the discom’s website. Consumers can click on the link and enter the service number to link it to Aadhaar by entering the Aadhaar number and downloading a copy of the card. “Consumers can Aadhaar link while paying the EB bill online as the payment link has been programmed to incentivize consumers,” the official said.
While a GO issued in this regard recently stated that linking Aadhaar is mandatory in order to obtain the government subsidy for the first 100 units consumed, Tangedco officials maintained that the subsidy would continue for those who do not link Aadhaar. In a GO dated October 6, the government said an eligible person wishing to avail the benefits of the grant is required to provide proof of possession of the Aadhaar number or undergo Aadhaar authentication. However, Tangedco officials said the exercise is only to generate proper data on those who benefit from the subsidy, as per Union government guidelines.
The state government subsidy to domestic connections makes the first 100 units free for all households, while consumption charges for the next 100 units are reduced by 50% if total consumption does not exceed 500 units.
However, T Sadagopan, a consumer activist from Pattabiram, said linking Aadhaar would lead to more confusion than clarity. “The Supreme Court decided that this Aadhaar link should not be mandatory. So the order is in violation of the SC order. And I can’t ask the tenant for his Aadhaar to get the grant. If Aadhaar is wanted for agriculture and hut hookups where electricity is provided completely free of charge, that is justifiable. Also, the data can be manipulated by governments in the future,” he said.