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DaBaby Ufazed By The Critics Of His New Song ‘Sneaky Link Anthem’

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The Grammy Award-winning hip-hop star is being ridiculed by social media users after dropping the new song and its music video on Sunday, January 16.

DaBaby refused to be bothered by some people’s opinion of his new single. After being clowned around after releasing “Sneaky Link Anthem” and its music video, the rapper told his trolls he didn’t care about the criticism.

The 30-year-old, born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, reacted to the backlash through a video shared to Instagram Story on Monday, January 17. The footage saw him watching visuals for the song on TV saying, “They hate me and that’s okay,” with a smiley face.

DaBaby released the song and its music video on Sunday. “Most hated baby, I’m the villain of the rap game / Three babies, I’m trying to accumulate thirty million”, he boasts of having been canceled following his homophobic controversy.

“I had suicide doors when I go out / I missed it thinking they know me, better go out” DaniLeighThe baby’s daddy keeps rapping. “Super famous, the media is on my d**k now / They hate me and that’s alright.”

It’s unfortunate for DaBaby since the song received backlash from users online. “Aw yeah @DaBabyDaBaby you’re really wrong for that weak sneaky link song. You’re an asshole aren’t you?” one Twitter user argued. Another wondered, “Why is DaBaby singing? He can’t stop being corny if he tries.”

The criticism didn’t stop there. More came with a write-up, “This is so cheesy it’s funny ngl. Because what is. This is the first time DaBaby has made me cry.” Meanwhile, someone else added, “This is what I get for going down that rabbit hole #dababy. My ears can’t hear the madness I just heard.”

DaBaby came under fire after he made “insensitive” comments about HIV/AIDS and a homophobic rant during his Rolling Loud concert in Miami in July 2021. Many people were also upset with the “ROCKSTAR” hitmaker for his altercation of November with DaniLeigh.

The exes argued while the singer was breastfeeding their baby girl. She then claimed that the Grammy-winning hip-hop star kicked her and their child out of the house so he could meet other women.

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