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Dentons announces cooperation with Indian law firm Link Legal

Dentons announced a cooperation agreement with Indian law firm Link Legal, becoming the first international law firm to enter into such an agreement with an Indian firm.

The arrangement will give the company “combined first-mover advantage and competitive advantage in international panel competitions,” Dentons said in a statement Tuesday. As part of the agreement, Dentons represents Link Legal’s clients outside India, although the arrangement is not exclusive.

“This is not a joint venture, or a best friend relationship or a bonding license, or a merger or acquisition, but a combination like Dentons did. around the world, creating an integrated global business,” the company statement added.

Founded in 1999, Link Legal has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderbad. The firm has more than 170 lawyers, including 42 partners. In February, Link Legal opened its first overseas office in New York.

Earlier this year, Link Legal advised high-precision engineered components manufacturer, Doncasters Group of Companies, on the Indian aspect of its acquisition of superalloy castings manufacturer, Uni-Pol Group of Companies. The firm also recently acted for Indorama Group in connection with the acquisition of a renewable energy company that builds hydroelectric power plants in India.

“In the current geopolitical and economic landscape, India occupies an important and enviable position. We approached Dentons because we recognized that a combination between our firms would help us meet and exceed the needs of our clients who are becoming increasingly global,” said Atul Sharma, Managing Partner of Link Legal, in a communicated.

“Most importantly, the combination allows us to be both global and local, helping us connect our clients to the best legal talent around the world while continuing to be fully owned, controlled and managed by Indian lawyers from Link Legal in India,” Sharma added.

Dentons describes its business structure as “polycentric”, which the firm says is based on a Swiss Verein model, allowing it to combine with national practice in different jurisdictions while “adhering to the legal and regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction. “.

Indian regulations prohibit international law firms from operating and practicing law in the country. Most international law firms serve their Indian clients and work from their offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, New York and London.

Last year, Denton struck a similar deal with Vietnamese law firm LuatViet, giving it more than 30 lawyers and new offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Dentons was until recently the largest law firm in the world. The majority of its lawyers are based in China after its 2015 merger with what was then China’s largest law firm, Dacheng Law Offices. Last year, Chinese law firm Yingke Law Firm announced that it had hired more than 3,000 in 2021, bringing its global staff of lawyers to 13,299, overtaking Dentons as the largest staff in the world.