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Discord users can now link their Crunchyroll accounts

Anime streaming service Crunchyroll has teamed up with Discord. Starting today, users will be able to view the movie or TV show they are currently watching on their Discord profile.

Crunchyroll is the latest media company to add “Rich Presence”, the “Now Playing” feature that automatically displays the video you’re watching, the game you’re playing, the song you’re listening to, and more. Discord users can also link their accounts for Reddit, Steam, TikTok, Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, PlayStation Network, and Xbox, among others.

The new integration is rolling out to users throughout the day in more than 200 countries and territories. Note that some regional content restrictions will apply since Crunchyroll is not available in Japan and has a limited streaming library in parts of Asia.

To link accounts, Crunchyroll subscribers go to Discord on the web or desktop app, go to “User Settings”, click “Connections” and select the Crunchyroll logo. It will be available on mobile devices soon, a Crunchyroll spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Picture credits: Discord and Crunchyroll

Once Rich Presence is enabled, the anime title you are watching will appear as a small icon with an image of the series, season, and episode. Users can watch with their friends directly from their profile pop-up. There is also a button directing users to the anime streaming service.

“Anime is an adventure, and Crunchyroll’s rich presence on Discord will allow our fans to take their journey together,” Kaliel Roberts, Chief Product Officer, Crunchyroll, said in the announcement. “The Crunchyroll community loves sharing their favorite anime with their friends, and now on Discord, fans have another way to celebrate their favorite series, discover new shows, and make deeper connections through the content they love. .”

Crunchyroll launched its official Discord server last month, which it uses to announce new events and activations.

On November 2, Crunchyroll subscribers received a one-month code for Discord Nitro, a monthly subscription service that unlocks various perks like custom emojis and stickers, HD video streaming, and more. Similarly, Discord Nitro users were offered a $9.99/month subscription to Crunchyroll, “Mega Fan.” Crunchyroll has an ad-supported free plan and three paid tiers.