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Discord x PlayStation partnership begins, users can now link PSN and Discord accounts

At one point last year, it seemed very likely that Microsoft was going to acquire Discord. Ultimately, the company opted to remain independent and formed a new partnership with rival console maker Sony. At the time, we were promised that we would see integration between PlayStation and Discord consoles and now those features are finally starting to roll out.

Eight months after the partnership was confirmed, Discord users can now link their PSN account to Discord and display their PSN ID on their profile, or even view the game they are currently playing on console. This form of integration with Discord has been around for a little while now, with similar features in place for Steam,, Xbox, Spotify, and other services.

Currently, PSN account linking with Discord is being rolled out for users worldwide, starting with the United States. Based on past statements from Sony and Discord, this is just the beginning of this partnership, so we can expect more features to come over time, likely ending with Discord’s accessibility via your PlayStation console.

If you’re looking to link your PS5 and your Discord account, you’ll need to open Discord, head to User Settings, then find the Connections tab. On this page, you can link your PSN account by clicking on the PlayStation icon.

KitGuru says: This partnership has been going on for a while now, but Discord and Sony are starting small with a minor integration. Soon, we hope to see Discord messages or calls become accessible on PlayStation consoles.

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