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Doctor Strange Has a Shocking Connection to an MCU Villain’s Unlikely Origin

Doctor Strange played a huge role in the origin of a particular MCU villain in Marvel Comics, and the details are absolutely shocking.

In the current landscape of mcuit seems like strange doctor has become a pretty central character to nearly every other Marvel hero (or villain), including Thor, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, and even the entirety of the Avengers. Now, it’s been revealed that Doctor Strange is linked to another MCU character – a shocking connection that’s been made in that particular villain’s Marvel Comics origin.

Quentin Beck aka Mysterio made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home. In the film, Mysterio claims to be a warrior from another universe who traveled to the MCU’s Earth-616 to stop a group of powerful multiversal entities of destruction who were determined to wreak havoc on every Earth across the multiverse. . However, it’s soon revealed that Mysterio made up this whole story just to gain the trust of Nick Fury and, by extension, Spider-Man so he could steal some powerful technology that the late Tony Stark left to Spider-Man. While initially portraying himself as a Doctor Strange-like hero, Mysterio was merely a fraud who used tricks and cheap holograms to impersonate a mystical being.


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In the Spider-Man web Story #4 “Gauntlet Origins: Mysterio” by Fred Van Lente and Barry Kitson, readers are given a more detailed look at Mysterio’s origins as a supervillain before his first official appearance in amazing spider man #13 in which he framed Spider-Man for a series of crimes in an attempt to pose as a hero. In Spider-Man web, Quentin Beck is having a drink with his mentor, a retired movie special effects master named Ray Bradhaus. Mysterio asks him how he achieved a particular effect in a movie called The mystery. The effect in question was an all-too-realistic demon crawling along a wall behind a terrified actress. Beck needed to know how Bradhaus did this so he could do the same when creating his fake Spider-Man. However, Bradhaus refuses to reveal his secret, so Mysterio knocks him out and ventures into his secret back room where Beck discovers a haunting setup apparently devoted to the mystical arts.

Doctor Strange has a shocking connection to Mysterio.

While the truth is lost on Mysterio – as he still believed his mentor was simply incredibly good at special effects – this issue revealed that Bradhaus was using real magic to conjure a demon he had bonded with in order to use it in his movie – the very movie that inspired Beck to be Mysterio. When Mysterio enters the infernal hall dedicated to the occult, he has a run-in with the demon that inspired his career, although he thinks it’s just an illusion. Little did Mysterio know it, Doctor Strange was in his astral form right next to him and exorcised the demon before it could harm Beck. After the demon leaves, Mysterio leaves the scene, at which point Doctor Strange enters Bradhaus’ house and helps him recover from Mysterio’s poison gas. During their conversation, readers learn that Doctor Strange helped Bradhaus long ago when the insane filmmaker first bound his soul to the demonic entity just to make a hit movie. The only reason Beck became Mysterio was because of real magic he perceived as an achievable stunt, and due to his incredible nature, Mysterio set out to replicate that trickery through his villainous schemes.

Plus, Mysterio only lived to torment Spider-Man and the rest of Marvel’s heroes because Doctor Strange saved his life the night he unwittingly encountered real magic. strange doctor directly responsible for Mysterio’s villainous actions and forever linking him to this unlikely mcu nasty.

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