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EA Sports recently launched a new iteration of its popular mobile franchise called Mobile FIFA 23. The latest version is known as FIFA Mobile 23 and is currently in closed beta stage. Here’s how you can download the game and access the latest content available.

FIFA Mobile 23 is not fully launched and the developers have just started testing this new version in two countries. Players from Canada and India can sign up for the beta test program and enjoy all the features that the new version of the game will bring.


The beta version has several improvements and the keynotes are as follows:

  • Improved end conditions for possessions in Attack VS and League matches when the ball is out of range or will go out of play
  • Fixed No Switch issue when using the Semi-Assisted Switch setting
  • Fixed an issue where you would still be in attack control state when the opponent clearly gets the ball before you

Players can also expect to see the following things very soon in the upcoming season of FIFA 23. They are listed below:

  • Advanced pass
  • Updated base and event player list
  • New menus and user interface
  • Updated audio commentary
  • Custom builds
  • Live OVR
  • Mini-events with games of skill and matches
  • VS Attack and Head to Head, all in Division Rivals
  • Login Bonus Rewards

Players can download the latest FIFA Mobile 23 beta using the links below:

Just click on the following link and it will redirect you to the official website. Download the game and start exploring new features. As mentioned above, the beta is only available in Canada and India, so players from other regions may face some difficulty while playing the game.

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