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Galantis and Navos team up on single “What It Feels Like”, featuring YOU

Galantis and Navos Team Up on Single “What It Feels Like,” Featuring YOU: Listen Up

2022 a good year for Galantis and their fans.

Releasing one collab after another on March 31, the Swedish electro house duo teased on Instagram about their upcoming single, leaving fans guessing who they collaborated with this time around. Before that, they teamed up with My beauty and jax jones for a catchy and summery single‘Good luck’, released only two weeks before this one. Turns out it was a collab with none other than Navos and YOU. Liverpool-based electronic producer Ross Haringtonbetter known by his artist name Navosspent time in the mainstream thanks to his single ‘Believe me’, which topped 96 million global Spotify streams after becoming a viral sensation on TikTok, and was a permanent fixture on Britain’s ‘Top 40’ for over 20 weeks. For this particular project, the voices were provided by YOU, whose talent can also be found on Armin Van Buurenit is “I Should Love You”.

The single is another catchy, radio-friendly song from Galantis, many will find themselves Shazaming in clubs. Its groovy beat will put this track on the playlists of many DJs, as clubs are now reopening and people around the world are rushing to clubs more than ever to dance the night away. The piano, accompanied by simple lyrics and a catchy rhythm, makes this a perfect track to start your day. It may stick in your mind after listening to it for a few days! It almost looks like Galantis was gearing up to resume summer playlists for 2022.
The excitement of sharing this project with the world was visible on the Galantis and Navos Instagram pages, with an Instagram post from Navos about the collaboration captioned:

“What does it feel like when you live your dream 😍”.

The single was released this Friday, April 8 on Island Records. If you haven’t already, you can check it out here: