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Georgia election workers fired after officials uncover link to attack on US Capitol

Two Georgia election workers have been removed from their jobs after officials uncovered social media posts by one of them regarding the storming of the US Capitol on January 6 last year.

A spokesman for the Georgian State Secretary, the office that oversees electionswould have shared messages with the New York Times which included photographs of a woman named Laura Daube Kronen among protesters who attacked the Capitol building.

“I stood up for what is right today in Washington, DC,” the post said. “This election was a charade. Mike Pence is a traitor. I was tear gassed FOUR times. I have pepper spray in my throat. I stormed the Capitol building. best learning experience of their lives.

A Fulton County official told the New York Times that a woman and her son were removed from office on Tuesday morning.

In a statement, Fulton County said it was alerted to the messages by another poll worker, who raised concerns about a fellow poll worker’s comments “during a virtual event on Sunday and on social networks”.

That information was sent to the office of the Georgia secretary of state, Fulton County acting chief election officer Nadine Williams said at a press conference Tuesday.

The statement added that the decision to remove the election workers was made “in accordance with our commitment to election integrity.”