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Google adds link previews to Sheets on Android; improves drag and drop

Google is rolling out new features and improvements to the Sheets Android app to deliver a top-notch user experience on large-screen Android devices. This includes link previews and improved drag-and-drop functionality.

Link previews in Google Sheets are already available on the web and allow you to get context for linked content (such as title, description, and thumbnail images, etc.) without bouncing between apps and screens.

In a nutshell, this feature will help you decide whether or not to open linked content while staying in context.

“Linked content can enrich documents with useful information, but if clicking a link means opening another window, it can be distracting and disrupt your reading flow,” Google says.

Link previews in the Google Sheets Android app will be rolling out gradually starting October 24, 2022 and may take up to 15 days to be fully visible. The feature will be available to all Google Workspace customers as well as users with personal Google accounts.

Next, Google also improved drag-and-drop support for the Sheets Android app by adding the ability to drag, copy, and share charts and images into cells. Check out this gif to see how this feature works:

GIF credit: Google