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Google Contacts will now let you share a link to another user’s profile

Just a few days ago, Google Contacts started rolling out a revamped visual map-style backdrop for contact input fields, and while it’s a small update, it’s the welcome. More accessibility, a more engaging app with Material You, and just plain better. It really is the little things in life that make the most difference, don’t you agree?

Today, we continue to see more features arrive with Contacts. For anyone in your organization, you will now be able to copy a direct link to their “profile” and then share it with anyone else in your organization. This is the first time I’ve seen Google refer to contact cards as “profiles”, which leads me to believe that it hopes to achieve a more intranet approach to its services. With the closure of Google Currents – formerly known as Google+, Contacts and Chat have replaced this feature, and we’ve seen an increase in social features across the board for Teams.

Google says on its Workspace Updates blog that only contacts with email connected to their Workspace profile will have this new profile link, which makes sense. If you wish to take advantage of it, you must fill in this field or encourage your teams to do so themselves. It’s always good practice to keep your contact information up to date anyway.

Administrators can do this for their employees or students by going to the “Users” section of their dashboard. To copy a profile link, simply tap the three vertical dots at the top right of a “profile” and click “Copy profile link”. Simple, which is exactly as it should be. As a reminder, sharing a profile link outside of your organization will result in a broken webpage since that information is classified, my friend!

This update should appear for all Workspace customers, as well as those with older G Suite Basic and Business licenses over the next two weeks or so via an extended rollout. If you don’t see it right away, you can just copy the profile link from the top URL bar of the browser as it’s basically the same link. Unfortunately, standard Google Account holders won’t get this nifty little feature, but it’s always possible that this will change over time. Google historically brought Workspace features to all users after they were exclusive for a while.