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Grocery Hunt: Pumpkin Spice Edition

Hello and welcome to Grocery Hunt, Manchester Ink Link’s look at grocery prices in Manchester’s supermarket chains. This week takes a look at pumpkin-related articles requested by our readers.

All items are requested by Manchester Ink Link readers, with some new items requested from readers in previous weeks which also include price comparisons between that week and when it was requested.

All prizes for this week’s column were obtained on Friday, September 23 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. When direct comparisons are not available, comparisons by comparable units of measurement will be used. Prices and availability may change without notice.

This column only obtains prices from supermarkets, as items requested by readers are either unlikely to be available, or unlikely to be available in a form that allows comparisons at specialty stores, wholesalers, clubs price or other food outlets.

However, readers are welcome to submit prices for items from other stores as well as questions or comments regarding the column to [email protected]

Pumpkin Oreos (cost per pound)

Walmart- $5.62

Consumer basket – n/a

Hannaford – n/a

Box of pumpkin filling (cost per pound)

Hannaford – $2.02

Market Basket – $2.13

Walmart- $2.79

Little Debbie Pumpkin Spice Rolls (cost per pound)

Market basket – $3.64

Hannaford – $4.30


Pumpkin Creamer (cost per pint)

Hannaford – $3.39

Market basket – $5.59


Pumpkin Cheerios (10.8 oz)

Market basket – $3.77

Hannaford – $5.17



Walmart- $5.68

Market basket – $5.99

Hannaford- $6.99

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