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Gumbo link: Give us a minute

I’ve loved opening a Link Gumbo over the years reading this site. It kept me up to date on a consortium of topics revolving around LSU. It worked alongside Dandy Dan, Delly and Athletic to satiate whatever I wanted to dive into that day. Hopefully we can post this a bit more regularly in the future. Mainly weekdays and hopefully before afternoon (but ideally before lunch). That’s the point. I am still learning a lot about the back-end of this porn site, so give us some time to clean it up. Not everything will be current 24 hours a day, but hopefully it will be relevant.

And what’s relevant is Sunday’s tidal wave of reaction. My cell phone died from all the texting, I’m sure you’re enlightened by friends too, even non-LSU fans. It was a finish reminiscent of the 13-man game on the Tennessee/LSU field from years ago. It was ominous, it was unbelievable, and it was everything you DON’T want to see from a special teams unit in a 60-minute game.

Let’s start with a little humor.

What’s it like to watch the game:

I pray that the film study will go as follows:

Ross Dellenger posted an article on Special Teams. I’ll be honest, this could have been the absolute worst single-game special teams performance I’ve seen in my LSU fandom. We have been spoiled by the special teams talent in all phases, hope he regroups and fixes things quickly. This article dives into Kelly admitting what went wrong and acknowledging how much they need to fix:

Brian Kelly and LSU Lose Opener After Shocking Final Game Against FSU Sports Illustrated

There was a huge difference in terms of attacking efficiency and sticking to the schedule when we decided to go up the pace. I still haven’t heard a good reason why it took so long but some good snippets from our QB on what he saw, what he wanted to do and how he felt once he had picked up the pace. It’s like the game plan is to go on pace after winning a first down, and we all know that didn’t go to plan. The lawyer dives deeper here:

Movie Review: Is Tempo the Solution to LSU’s Offense After Florida State Loss? | USL |

And finally, if you’re going to sympathize, at least let Brody Miller’s sweet syllables ease your mind. There was a lot to take in, and there was even more to read as the game went on. First-game jitters with brand-new staff can usually cause blunders, but there were times when it seemed like everyone was playing and coaching their first game of football…in their careers. Brody covers some more complex themes and tries to decipher which ones should cause real panic

LSU Week 1 thoughts: Jayden Daniels passing, Kayshon Boutte 2-take party – Reuters

That’s all for today