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How Scream 5 Characters Connect To Previous Movies: Every Family Bond

Scream 5 introduces a plethora of new characters, the majority of which have strong ties to characters from previous films in the Scream franchise.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Scream 2022.

Many characters from Scream 2022 (aka, Cry 5) connect to the horror franchise’s past films – here’s all the family ties. Over the course of five films, Sidney Prescott, Dewey Riley, and Gale Weathers have experienced their fair share of stabbings, gunshot wounds, close encounters with death, and plenty of trauma thanks to Ghostface’s continued existence. Although more than two decades have passed since the 1996 film, the characters’ ties to the killers and the origin story have tied them to every sequel released since then. Now many of the new characters from Cry 5 have a similar bond, leading them to become targets.


Set twenty-five years after the first film, Cry 5 sees the return of the brutal Woodsboro killings. After Tara Carpenter is attacked by a new version of Ghostface, older sister Sam is brought back to the small California town to protect her. Charged with a deep and dark secret, Sam and her boyfriend Richie ask Dewey Riley for help in taking down the murderer. Ghostface’s return also brings back Gale Weathers, now a morning show reporter, and Sidney Prescott, who has vowed never to set foot in Woodsboro again after his experiences.

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Cry 5 is about heritage, about respecting the original while trying to create something new. While 2022 Scream includes the three legacy characters from the first film – who are the only ones left alive after all this time and who are brought into the fray for specific plot reasons – the fifth installment introduces a plethora of new characters who may continue in potential sequels. Many of them are part of Tara’s core group of friends, and they have a lot of history with some of the Scream the franchise’s most notable characters from previous films, including a relative of Stu Macher. Here’s Every New Character In 2022 Scream with a family connection to the previous films.

Samantha Carpenter

shout 5 sam carpenter

Sam Carpenter is the main protagonist of the fifth Scream and has the strongest connection to the original 1996 film. Sam is revealed to be the biological daughter of Billy Loomis, who slept with her mother, Christina Carpenter, while still with her then-boyfriend and who Sam thought was his father. Sam is targeted by new versions of Ghostface because Billy is her father, a fact that traumatized her growing up and eventually led her to leave town and her younger sister Tara – who was conceived long after Sam’s death. Billy – behind. Sam is haunted by Billy because she is afraid of becoming a serial killer like him. What’s worse is that she is related to not one, but two murderers as she is also the granddaughter of Debbie, the mother of Billy, who was one of the killers of Cry 2. Because of his connection to Billy, Sam is akin to the Sidney Prescott of Cry 5.

Mindy MeeksMartin

screaming mindy meeks-martin

Mindy Meeks-Martin is the daughter of Martha Meeks and the niece of Randy Meeks. (Martha, who first appeared in Cry 3, plays a minor role in Cry 5, although she is not targeted by Ghostface killers like her children.) Mindy takes after her uncle in that she is a horror movie aficionado, well versed in the rules of the genre and is a known fan from Stab movies. She’s also the first to call the actions of the Ghostface killers a “requel,” telling her friends how they want to recreate parts of the original movie in the Stab film franchise while including legacy characters and some of their descendants due to their ties to the original films. Mindy is smart and has dry sarcasm, managing to realize the killer is behind her before Ghostface can inflict fatal damage on her.

Chad Meeks-Martin

scream 5 chad meeks-martin

Chad Meeks-Martin is Mindy’s twin brother and Randy Meeks’ nephew. Chad isn’t as well-versed in the horror movie genre as his sister, but there’s not much to glean from his character’s interior beyond that. However, Chad recognizes the story behind the Stab films and his uncle’s friendship and help in Sidney during the murders of Scream and Cry 2. Chad also had the same fear as Randy, believing he would be next on the victim list if he had sex with his girlfriend. Luckily, he and Mindy survive Ghostface’s attacks; the impact their deaths would have had on the Meeks family would have been devastating, and Martha has suffered enough.

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Vince Schneider

scream 5 vince

Vince Schneider is a stalker who follows Chad’s girlfriend Liv in an effort to rekindle their summer fling. He is the first person to be killed, presumably because he is the nephew of Stu Macher, Ghostface’s second killer in 1996. Scream and accomplice of Billy Loomis. Vince certainly had creepy tendencies like his uncle, who was pretty unhinged when it came to killing people. Vince wasn’t a murderer, but he clearly couldn’t take a negative answer, and it’s possible his future took him down the same path as Stu.

Wes Hicks

scream 5 wes hicks

Wes Hicks is a bit of the odd one out. While the other characters listed all have blood ties to the original characters of Scream, Wes is the son of Sheriff Judy Hicks, who was introduced in Cry 4 and has no major connection to previous films in the franchise. His character’s lack of connection to the first movie is something that’s referenced in 2022. Scream. When Wes fears he’s on Ghostface’s hit list because of requel rules, which dictate that relatives of legacy characters could be killed because of who they’re related to, a scathing comment that “no one doesn’t care about the aftermath” stops these concerns. Regardless of the comment, Wes is still linked to at least one character from a previous Scream movie, which is why he and Judy were always targeted by Ghostface.

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