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How to Generate a Web Link QR Code in Chrome

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Check how to generate a web link QR code in Chrome

Transferring or sharing content between two different platforms has always been a difficult task for end users, especially when they are not part of the Apple ecosystem. To give you a perfect example, I recently came across some interesting content while browsing the web on my PC. I was thinking of putting this content on my phone and many options came to mind. This included sharing the link to this content via WhatsApp Web, sending it to myself, or adding it to the bookmarks tab (using Chrome’s sync feature).

Although all of these approaches seem viable, they were not among the most viable as they required effort. Then I decided to try Chrome’s experimental QR code scanner feature again and it turned out that it was finally available in the stable version. So what exactly is this feature? Well, as the name suggests, you can easily create a QR code for any website you visit from Chrome browser. Once created, simply enter your device, scan the code and you will be taken directly to this page. You can also save this QR code locally and scan it if needed.

Create QR Codes in Google Chrome Desktop

  • Although Google Chrome has been working on QR code sharing for a while now, the feature is still experimental and hidden behind a Chrome flag. To enable it, open Google Chrome and search for “Enable page sharing via QR code”. Choose “Enabled” from the drop-down menu and restart the browser. You can also paste the following URL in the address bar to place the banner:
    • chrome://flags/#sharing-qr-code-generator
  • Once enabled, you will see a new option “Create a QR code for this page” when you right-click on pages. Note, however, that this will not work if you right-click on a page’s URLs. Another way to access this option is to click on the QR button that appears when you highlight the address bar.
  • As soon as you click on it, you will see the generated QR code. In this interface, you can choose to change the URL of the QR code and download it to your machine by clicking the Download button.
  • As you can see below, I just created a QR code from a URL using Google Chrome. Now you can use any QR code scanner app or compatible camera app to scan the QR code.

Create QR Codes in Google Chrome Mobile

  • Unlike Chrome web, you don’t need to use Android’s Chrome flags to access the QR code feature on Chrome mobile. Open the browser, visit the page you want to create a QR code for and tap Share. On the custom share sheet that now appears, tap “QR Code”.
  • Another difference in Chrome mobile is that you can long-press any URL on a webpage to specifically generate a QR code for the destination link. To do this, long press on a link, tap ‘Share link’ and choose ‘QR Code’.
  • You can now download the QR code from the webpage you used in the previous step. Chrome also includes a QR code scanner to help you scan QR codes easily. Access it from the Scan tab on the same page.

Final Words: How to Generate a Web Link QR Code in Chrome

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