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How to link your BookTok recommendations on TikTok

Diving into a new book discussion has never been more accessible, thanks to ICT Tacthe book linking feature of . Book lovers have found a home on the video platform, and it’s called booktok. Supported by a wealth of videos on specific titles, writing tips, book sketches, series ideas, and much more, booktok is an ever-growing community full of passion.

TikTok has embraced the booktok community a few times this year. Over the summer, the platform partnered with Barnes & Noble to offer users #booktokchallenge. Both companies encouraged young readers to discover new books and share their reading experiences via the hashtag. Additionally, the app launched the #booktok hub, where B&N customers could scan a QR code that directed them to a dedicated TikTok page featuring videos from content creators and booksellers. Now, TikTok has partnered with a major publishing house, Penguin Random House, to develop booktok with its unique book links.


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Linking your new favorite reading is very simple. Start by recording a ICT Tac talk about a particular book. Once the recording is complete and edited, press ‘Next‘ to caption the video and additional options. Find and select the ‘Add link‘ characteristic. Type ‘Book‘ to display the book linking tool. Once selected, a list of books will appear. Type the name of the book in the search bar for faster retrieval. Tap the book, and it will now be listed on TikTok for viewers to find as a link. The account must be public and Penguin Random House must be the publisher of the book for this feature to work.

What does linking a book on TikTok do?

When viewing a booktok, a link to the book will appear above the poster name. Tapping on the name of the book will open a new TikTok page which reveals all the videos related to the work. It’s similar to a hashtag, except it’s clear that all videos must be about the associated book. Book cover, author and details are available at the top to avoid confusion. If the user wants to know more about the book, he can click on the arrow next to the summary. It will list more details, such as genre, number of pages, publication date, and full description of the book.

Curious to use the exclusive feature of booktok? Find a Penguin Random House book and create a video reviewing the work or creatively paying homage to it. One of the best things about booktok is finding a corner for every genre, ship, series, trope, and author. With so much content readily available, it’s not hard to find like-minded people on ICT Tac.

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