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Hush goes down on Hemsworths tie with $10.5m Byron Bay sale

The settlement this week of a $10.5million sale of a Newrybar property in the Byron Bay hinterland has sparked the interest of big-budget property watchers like yourselves, and not just because that the agreement sets a record for the small town.

Rumor had already leaked that one of the Hemsworth brothers, more or less renowned in Hollywood, was behind the purchase of the 46-hectare property with sweeping coastal views.

Brothers Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth already own substantial property in Byron Bay.Credit:Getty

Unfortunately, the off-market deal – rumored to have been brokered by Ruth Gotterson of McGrath – was deposited in a trust led by accounting and advisory directors William Buck Graham Spring and Scott Girdlestone, the latter of whom did not have offered “no comment” to inquiries. .

Not that William Buck’s crew are strangers to the Hemsworths. Many of Hemsworth’s corporate entities are headquartered at William Buck’s office in Sydney, including Chris and Liam’s company Corn Dog Pty Ltd, and another trust which was used to purchase the Suffolk Park excavations of brother Luke Hemsworth (although this house was later transferred to Luke’s possession).

Inquiries with the Hemsworths’ agent and management have been given the quiet treatment, so it’s still unclear who’s behind the purchase, but if Title Deeds were to place any bets they would be on Liam, given his already $13.3 million interest in the district.

Across the road is a 37-hectare property that Liam bought a year ago for $6.8 million, and across town is the house designed by the architect Jason Schepisi which he bought as a home in 2020 for $6.5 million.

Byron’s Hippy Paradise

The Myocum property purchased by fashion designer Wayne Cooper and his wife Sarah Marsh.

The Myocum property purchased by fashion designer Wayne Cooper and his wife Sarah Marsh.

Fashion designer Wayne Cooper and his wife Sarah Marsh have bought the upmarket hippie paradise of Myocum, near Byron Bay, for $5.09million.