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Insider moves: Matang Bhd, Harbour-Link Group Bhd, Pentamaster Corp Bhd, Revenue Group Bhd, Genting Plantations Bhd, KPJ Healthcare Bhd

Notable deposits

From May 9 to May 13, among the most notable changes in shareholding was the plantation outfit Matang Bhdwhere Ang Kian You acquired 8.49 million shares, boosting his stake to 162.14 million shares or 7.46% stake.

Ang emerged as a significant shareholder of Matang on April 22 after he accumulated 110.16 million shares or a 5.07% stake in the open market.

Matang, who owns just 1,094 ha of plantation land and three building blocks on a 3.2 acre leasehold plot in Kawasan Perindustrian Larkin, Johor Baru, closed at 11 sen last Wednesday, translating into a market capitalization of RM238.9 million.

While profitable for the past five years, Matang’s financial performance has been disappointing. Its best performance during this period was in the 2021 financial year, when it recorded after-tax profit of RM4.1 million on sales of RM18.81 million.

Matang’s largest shareholder is the political party Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) – the second largest member of Barisan Nasional – which holds an 18.81% stake in the company.

Interestingly, Ang also emerged as a major shareholder of Jiankun International Bhd on May 13, with 10.8 million shares or a 5.05% stake. Jiankun’s executive vice-chairman is Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai, a former MP for Petaling Jaya South under the MCA banner and a former deputy finance minister. He also held other political portfolios.

More than Harbour-Link Group BhdSamarang UCITS-Samarang Asian Prosperity Fund acquired 259,100 shares of the oil and gas company, increasing its stake to 20.71 million shares or a 5.19% stake.

Samarang UCITS-Samarang Asian Prosperity emerged as a major shareholder in Harbour-Link with 19.95 million shares or a 5% stake at the end of March.

Since hitting a multi-year high of RM1.73 on October 8, Harbour-Link’s share price has lost 39.3%, closing at RM1.05 last Wednesday and giving it a market value of RM418.5 million.

Besides Samarang UCITS-Samarang Asian Prosperity, the only other significant shareholders of Harbour-Link are its managing director Datuk Yong Piaw Soon and its executive director Wong Siong Seh, who collectively hold a 53.4% ​​stake through their joint stakes in two companies. , Enrichharvest Sdn Bhd and United Joy Sdn Bhd.

Meanwhile, the Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) Pilgrims’ Fund is nibbling Pentamaster Corp Bhdsince emerging as a major shareholder with 35.57 million shares or a 5% stake in mid-April.

During the period under review, TH acquired 1.5 million shares of the semiconductor equipment vendor, giving it control of 38.57 million shares or a 5.42% stake.

Since early January, Pentamaster’s share price has lost 34.6%, trading at RM3.66 last Wednesday and giving the company a market value of RM2.6 billion.

To Income Group BhdKenanga Growth Fund ceased to be a major shareholder after selling 369,800 shares and reducing its stake below the 5% threshold, thus not requiring disclosure.

By the end of May 2019, Kenanga Growth Fund had become a major shareholder in the electronic payment company after acquiring nearly 11.82 million shares or a 5.09% stake.

At the time, Revenue Group shares were trading just above the RM1.20 band. Last Wednesday, the counter stood at RM1, with a market capitalization of RM466.4 million.

Notable moves

From the end of January, Genting Plantations BhdThe share price had gained 50.6% to close at a 52-week high of RM9.47 on March 3. Since then, the stock has lost 10.24%, closing at RM8.46 last Wednesday.

Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan) has been buying small blocks of Genting Plantations shares since the end of January. At the time, KWAP held 65.21 million shares in the plantation company, equivalent to a 7.27% stake.

During the period under review, KWAP purchased 55,000 shares in Genting Plantations, increasing its stake to nearly 66.9 million shares or 7.46%.

In contrast, the Employees Provident Fund had sold 3,900 shares of Genting Plantations, reducing its stake to 111.99 million shares or 12.48%. In mid-February, the EPF held 13.94% of the capital or 125.07 million shares in the plantation company.

From mid-February, KPJ Healthcare BhdThe stock price lost nearly 23% of its value and hit a 52-week low of 88 sen on May 12. On Wednesday, the hospital and healthcare service provider closed at 89 sen, valuing it at RM3.86 billion.

EPF acquired small blocks of KPJ Healthcare shares and during the reporting period acquired 1.13 million shares, increasing its stake to 531.28 million shares or 12.23%.

KPJ Healthcare is 50.63% controlled by Johor Corp Bhd, the investment arm of the southernmost state of Peninsular Malaysia.