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Iron Cove Toll Link Excavation Now Complete

Metropolitan Roads Minister Natalie Ward said that once opened, the Iron Cove Link tunnels will provide two lanes of direct toll-free access to the Anzac Bridge for commuters.

“The toll-free Iron Cove Link is set to open in 2023 with commuters bypassing seven traffic lights along Victoria Road, turning one of our busiest road corridors into the Sydney CBD,” Ms Ward said.

“By taking this automobile network underground, we can reduce the number of vehicles on the busy Victoria Road and rejuvenate the corridor with better public transport, cycle paths and footpaths.

“The New South Wales government’s $76 billion investment in road and transport infrastructure is improving the lives of commuters by getting them where they are going, sooner and safely. It also greatly improves the amenity and quality of life of local communities.

To allow work to progress on key structures in the Iron Cove Link Tunnel, from Saturday 5th November 2022, a citybound lane on Victoria Road at Iron Cove Bridge will be closed.

This lane will eventually be replaced by two lanes towards the city, which will open into the new Iron Cove Link tunnels and provide motorists traveling into the city with a direct, toll-free connection to the Anzac Bridge.

Minister for Transport, Veterans Affairs and Western Sydney, David Elliott, said the change means there is now a dedicated bus lane from the Gladesville Bridge along Victoria Road.

“We are encouraging commuters to use bus services with a new dedicated lane from the Gladesville Bridge along Victoria Road,” Mr Elliott said.

“On a typical weekday there are around 360 buses heading into town on Victoria Road. During the morning rush, buses run every few minutes, which means you can easily get into Sydney CBD with buses 501 to 507.”

Work around the Iron Cove Link will include the installation of additional safety and accessibility measures including a signposted pedestrian and cycle crossing, road barriers and revetment over the ventilation facility.

With the lane closed on Victoria Road before Iron Cove Bridge and reopened near Wellington Street, the NSW Government is asking motorists to take into account new traffic conditions and plan their journeys in advance.

The NSW Government is aware that this work will cause short-term traffic congestion and would like to thank motorists for their patience during this transition.

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