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Jay Younger’s famous football bond as Love Island bombshell causes villa chaos

Gemma Owen is no longer the only Villa Islander this year with links to a famous footballer.

This week, Jay Younger entered the Love Island villa alongside Remi Lambert as one of the latest bombshells.

And like Gemma, the new Islander has a famous footballer family member, revealing his grandfather is Scottish legend Tommy Younger.

The investment analyst has already ruffled a few feathers during his time at the villa and has made it clear he’s not afraid to step on anyone’s toes.

He is convinced of his chances with the ladies, saying: “I think I really have what most women want.

“I have a good job, I think I’m a good looking boy and I have a lot of fun, so I feel like I could add a lot of value to their life if they add a lot of value to mine. .”

Despite his short stay at the villa, Jay has already caused some dramatic moments.

As it looks like he’s set to shake things up even more in tonight’s episode, here’s everything you need to know about Jay Younger’s famous grandfather and the mayhem he’s already caused. in the villa.

Who is Jay Younger’s grandfather?

Jay’s grandfather, Tommy Younger, was a football star in the 1950s

Jay Younger’s grandfather is former Liverpool player Tommy Younger.

Speaking about his famous grandfather to The Mirror, Jay said: “My grandfather played for Liverpool and he was captain of Scotland in the 1950s.

“He was in the Liverpool Hall of Fame and he was in the Hibernian Hall of Fame.”

Tommy Younger is a Scottish football star who played as a goalkeeper.

He made his Liverpool debut in 1956 and played for the club for three years. Throughout his football career he also played for Hibernian, Falkirk, Leeds United and Stoke City.

In 1958, Tommy was also the captain of Scotland’s World Cup team.

Jay’s entry into the villa sparked speculation that he could reveal who Gemma Owen’s father is to the other islanders.

Until now, Gemma has kept the identity of her father, football legend Michael Owen, a secret, but fans wondered if Jay would finally come forward.

But so far, he has kept quiet about his dad and hasn’t revealed that they both have common ground when it comes to famous football family members.

Jay Younger wreaks havoc in the villa

Ekin-Su Culculoglu and Jay Younger share pasta on their date.
Jay might be ready to steal Ekin-Su from Davide in tonight’s episode

Although he didn’t reveal Gemma’s secret, Jay has been working quickly to shake things up since entering the villa on Tuesday.

Right off the bat, he revealed he wasn’t afraid to step on toes, saying, “I’m definitely not afraid to break up a couple.”

Jay could pose a threat to the other men on the show and thinks even Italian hunk Davide Sanclimenti needs to be careful.

Jay said that while “Davide might be the Italian snack”, he was the “main course”.

His entry into the villa also sparked tension with the other men.

He clashed with Gemma Owen’s ex Jacques after telling him he looked ‘a bit small for a rugby player’.

Jacques was unhappy with the remark and responded by saying he could “flatten” Jay.

And it looks like Jay might be about to cause even more mayhem, having already caught the attention of Tasha and Ekin-Su.

A preview for tonight’s episode showed Ekin-Su, who is currently in a relationship with Davide, sneaking onto the rooftop terrace for what appears to be a kiss with Jay.

The clip left fans on the edge of their seats waiting to see if Jay will link up with Ekin-Su, potentially dropping the villa’s single “Italian Stallion.”