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kallazhagar: Follow Kallazhagar Palanquin via a link on the Kavalan app | Madurai News

Madurai: With only a few days until the Kallazhagar festival, Madurai District Police has introduced the “Track Alagar” feature on the Madurai Kavalan app to help devotees get instant updates of the location of Lord’s Palanquin Kallazhagar. This means that they will know its location from the moment the procession leaves the Kallazhagar Temple in Alagarkovil until it reaches Madurai City to enter the Vaigai River and back.
Police District Superintendent V Baskaran told reporters that clicking the “Track Alagar” link on the app will instantly show the location of the palanquin on a map. “The map contains the locations of almost all the many ‘Mandapa padi’ and the link is easy to use. Worshipers will be able to keep track of the location to be better prepared to come and offer prayers and also avoid waiting hours for the procession. The location will be updated every 10 seconds,” he added. The SP said the system is advanced enough to handle a large number of users at once and can be used even on 2G internet speed.
Through a link, it can also connect to Google Maps to show the location so that users can even estimate the distance from their own location. So far about 44,000 users have downloaded Madurai Kavalan app from Google Playstore. Madurai City Police is also planning and introducing a separate ‘Track Alagar’ app and a ‘Mamadurai’ app soon.