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Kanu’s legal team to write to UK over alleged link to terrorism

the The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra legal team said it was writing to the UK about the group’s alleged unjustified link to terrorism.

A member of the legal team, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, who is the lawyer for the detained head of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, disclosed on Saturday.

He said the “alleged designation” of the IPOB as a terrorist organization was “a false narrative ostensibly orchestrated by troublemakers”.

He said IPOB’s legal team will make “a formal representation to the UK Government on this matter through the British High Commission in Nigeria” in the coming days.

Ejiofor, in a statement on Saturday, reminded the UK government that the IPOB ban was the subject of an ongoing trial before the Abuja Division of the Court of Appeal.

He noted that the case would be presented on October 12, 2022 for a final hearing.

“Therefore, all foreign governments are persuaded not to rely on widely fabricated publications in the pages of Nigerian newspapers to arrive at such an ambitious decision, which is capable of endangering millions of innocent lives, who are persecuted in Nigeria for being members of the IPOB.

“Following the UK Government’s update on the UKVI, which is clear and unambiguous in all respects, the guidance contained in the referenced update is that IPOB-affiliated claimants applying for asylum in the UK should not be considered on the merits of such claims without a thorough examination of their level of involvement in uncivil activities.

“Obviously, referring to the IPOB proscription in Nigeria and relying on such a sub-judicial matter to insist that the granting of asylum status on the basis of persecution claims related to the IPOB can no longer go without saying.

“It is pertinent to point out that the leadership of IPOB has individually distanced the peaceful movement from the increasing violent activities of some blood-sucking monsters taking place in the Southeast as the Unknown Gunmen, and in most cases, offered to participate in the fight against these monsters.

“IPOB leaders have never supported the nefarious activities of these enemies of our people, nor have they in any of their publications endorsed such inhumane and barbaric activities of the unknown gunmen.

“In the next few days, the IPOB legal team will make a formal representation to the UK Government on this matter via the British High Commission in Nigeria, accompanied by facts and verifiable evidence, to persuade the UK Government to review its recent location.

“For greater clarity, the UK Government has not designated IPOB as a terrorist organization but rather referred to the organization’s outlawing in Nigeria as well as the heinous crimes perpetrated by some dissidents. in the Southeast, which said crimes are totally condemnable and have absolutely nothing to do with the IPOB, which is a peaceful and non-violent self-determination group. The IPOB remains a legal and peaceful movement”, declared the lawyer.

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