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Kingdom Hearts 4 and Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link announced at the series’ 20th anniversary event

Kingdom Hearts 4 and Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link were officially announced during the series’ 20th anniversary event.

While no platform or release date/window for Kingdom Hearts 4 has been revealed, we’ve got a look at Sora in the new world of Quadratum, a quick look at gameplay, and a final tease with Donald and Goofy.

The images given to us show an art style that looks a lot like previous games, but it looks a lot more realistic this time around. Square Enix has also confirmed that the game is in “early development”, so the wait may be difficult.

You can check out the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer at 4:06.

The trailer begins by saying it’s the “Lost Master Arc”, with a narration saying, “if this isn’t the ending you wanted – if it makes you despair – then leave this world for another .”

The sequence begins in a forest, then moves to a large city. We also see Sora waking up in an apartment, and then we’re introduced to Strelitzia, a character who first appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ.

While everything seems peaceful for a moment, a threat appears in the sky that looks like a heartless massif.

In the quick gameplay preview, we see Sora and his iconic keyblade flying through the sky, scaling buildings, wall-surfing, and even using his weapon as a grappling hook of sorts.

Kingdom Hearts 4 – Trailer Screenshots

Donald and Goofy appear at the end without Sora, and they seem to be looking for their friend, as Donald asks, “I wonder where he is?” Then, a mysterious off-screen figure surprises them, saying, “Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” Donald and Goofy scream in shock and the video fades to black with the phrase “Magic in the Making”.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is a new iOS/Android game that features familiar 3D action at main entrances and is scheduled for closed beta testing later in 2022. It takes place in the realm of Scala ad Caelum and will allow players to “s Engage in exhilarating battles against the Heartless and discover an original new story.

It was also announced that the latest chapter of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will be released in August 2022 as a free Kingdom Hearts update. Union χ Dark Road app.

Kingdom Hearts 3 released in 2019, and in our review we said it was “a fulfilling evolution and resolution to the franchise that shows it’s still full of heart.”

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