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Kingdom’s Tears statue shows off Link’s new look

Nintendo has released a beautifully crafted statue of Link from the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) at the company’s live event in Tokyo. The breath of the wild sequel kept most of the information public, leaving room for plenty of fan theories. With seven months to go until launch, many fans are eager for more information on the title.

With so little information about tears of the kingdom, many have taken to the internet to share their thoughts and theories. The meaning behind his eerie title has been worrying fans ever since. tears of the kingdomThe pronunciation of was clarified by Nintendo in September. The reveal trailer confirmed at least one gameplay mechanic for the new title, in the form of a new flying mount that saves Link from a distant fall.


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This weekend began the Tokyo Nintendo Live event, which will take place today and tomorrow. My Nintendo News has shared photos from the event via Game Watch of an impressive Link statue, showing off his new look in tears of the kingdom. It was also shown by Twitter users like Wario64. The statue is being used for photo ops at the event, which will likely have long lines throughout the weekend. It features Link’s mysterious new arm, which will be used for some of the tears of the kingdomThe new abilities of , lit from within in a jade green color and sporting claw-like fingernails. The origins of this strange new appendage of Link are still unclear, but it will likely play a central role in the story.

Fans weren’t shy about sharing their theories, opinions, and interpretations on tears of the kingdom. The new glider seen in the trailer hints at new abilities and gameplay in the floating islands Link travels to in the sequels. Weapon changes and durability have been top fan wishlist items along with Ganon and Zelda being playable in the game. Others have brought up things they don’t want to see in the sequel like breath of the wildmost annoying enemies from, including Treasure Octoroks, Wizzrobes and Pebblits.

There is a major theory suggesting that tears of the kingdom can end the Zelda timeline, returning to the very beginning. There are three branching timelines already featured in the franchise, and some believe tears of the kingdom could tie them all together and allow the series to start from scratch. breath of the wildThe temporal placement of is unclear, and although Nintendo mentioned that it was placed at the end of the timeline, it did not specify which of the three timelines it is in. The frequent loops and circles appearing in the trailer may lend credence to this theory. The title’s main logo consists of two dragons eating each other’s tails, a symbol of death and rebirth. Players following this idea might not be too excited to see ZeldaThe beloved timelines of are coming to an end and might rather take their time in the tears of the kingdom dungeons also hinted at in the trailer.

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Source: My Nintendo News, Game Watch, Wario64/Twitter