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A new online marketplace which will connect property investors to property sources across the UK has been launched.

Invesourced, a property investment platform, is the brainchild of two young Welsh property entrepreneurs, who launched an online marketplace designed to disrupt the way property investors find and make decisions about investment opportunities.

Shane Williams, a real estate sourcing specialist, and Kelly Hopkins, a real estate investor, met via a business transaction earlier this year. After comparing their experiences, they developed an idea that Williams was working on which they believe will revolutionize the industry, with the company now launching with four full-time staff from a head office in Caerphilly.

What is that?

Invesourced is described as an online marketplace connecting property investors with property sources across the UK, achieving this by allowing users to share their respective investment profiles and investment opportunities and ultimately connect to secured lucrative opportunities. The founders say it’s an “efficient and streamlined solution” for a “currently fragmented and sometimes unregulated” market.

Professional real estate sources specialize in finding properties (commercial or residential) that are undervalued or whose valuation would be significantly increased by a renovation or change of use. Sourcers also perform the relevant calculations and offer the opportunity to investors in exchange for a commission, which is usually a percentage of the purchase value.

Real estate investors can save a lot of time and access deals and opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise see by working with real estate sources, but the connection between the two is often disconnected. Parties often use WhatsApp groups, social media groups or mailing lists to report and discuss opportunities.

The new platform aims to change that by allowing real estate sources to upload multiple offers, ready for investors to use. These can then be viewed by multiple investors and filtered based on their investment appetite in terms of price, risk, geographic region and property type.

Invesourced will take a percentage of the property sourcer’s fee, while sourcers will be required to file a complaint, meaning they will have professional indemnity insurance, ICO registration, Property Ombudsman or Property Redress Scheme membership and will be comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

The platform is developing a way to help and work with non-compliant sourcers, which in part will involve charting a course to help them come into compliance.

The company’s founders each represent one of two sides of the business model, with Williams, a self-taught real estate sourcer who has operated independently thus far, meeting with Hopkins when he struck a deal for her. After discussing their respective frustrations with the market, they revisited an idea Williams had been working on and decided to launch Invesourced.

Hopkins is an avid property investor who juggles that passion while currently on maternity leave from her role as an accountant for the NHS.

The pair’s goal now is to make the company the go-to online marketplace for property investors and sources, making the marketplace more efficient in the process.

“As a professional real estate sourcer, I’ve seen firsthand the frustrations and inefficiencies of this market. More than anything, I love helping people,” Williams said. “That’s why our goal is to make Investsourced a one-stop-shop for real estate, not only by advertising the best off-market deals, but also by incorporating a professional real estate directory and developing communities for investors. and sourcers to share tips and help each other.

“I truly believe this idea has the potential to achieve this goal at scale. We have already seen strong interest from investors and sourcers who understand the benefits and the time it will save them. I am thrilled to start this business with Kelly and I think it will be the start of a much bigger journey for all of us.

Hopkins added, “We are very excited about this new venture, which we believe has the potential to disrupt but ultimately streamline the real estate investment market.

“As a property investor currently on maternity leave from my job as an accountant for the NHS, the opportunity has arisen to get involved with a company whose aim is to streamline the property investment process. I have seen with my own eyes how the market currently works and I know it will improve the process considerably.

“I felt this was an opportunity too good to miss (albeit at a very busy time in my life). I am very excited to partner with Shane to create an eventual game-changer in the market. “We are very ambitious with three employees as well as Shane already working in our new premises. We are already seeing strong interest from investors and sources, but we believe this is just the beginning.”