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LEDVANCE launches LEDVANCE LINK for entrepreneurs to offer

WILMINGTON, Mass., Sept. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LEDVANCE LLC, the maker of LEDVANCE® and Sylvania® In the United States and Canada, General Lighting has launched LEDVANCE LINK™, a wirelessly connected, contractor-friendly indoor/outdoor lighting solution that is simple, flexible and cost-effective using easy-to-use LEDVANCE LINK Bluetooth Mesh technology. deploy. This makes networked lighting control quick and easy, saving labor, materials and time. LEDVANCE LINK offers a quick and easy 3-step process that includes installation, commissioning and checking.

  • Facility – Using just a few key components, contractors can tailor an LEDVANCE LINK lighting control solution to the exact needs of the application. For new installations, there are network-ready connected luminaires that are DLC Premium listed. For retrofits, there are field-installable, plug-and-play, NLC 5.0-rated controllers, sensors and accessories for a wide range of popular and compatible fixtures.
  • Commissioning – This is done quickly and easily with a simple smartphone app. This provides more opportunities to save material and time.
  • Control – The system can be controlled either by the app or by wireless wall switches.

Why is LEDVANCE LINK better?

Some other control solutions can be difficult by requiring additional wiring or complicated and expensive gateways, present potential security risks, or be difficult to modify as the needs of a space change.

“When we designed LEDVANCE LINK, we had the entrepreneur in mind. We wanted to offer a wireless solution that was easy and simple to deploy, especially since you don’t have to pull wires, flexible and scalable, smart and convenient, reliable with Bluetooth Mesh

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technology, and safe and secure,” said Deepak Kumar Gedela, Lighting Controls Specialist, LEDVANCE LLC. “Another reason why LEDVANCE LINK is better is that you can control the color temperature of the light with LEDVANCE LINK, which you cannot do with some other systems on the market.”

“LEDVANCE LINK is designed for contractors who want to offer their customers the convenience and energy efficiency of the latest lighting solutions without the hassle and expense of extra wiring or complicated and expensive gateways,” said Gedela. “LINK can help contractors meet energy codes such as IECC/ASHRAE lighting standards and obtain rebates. It’s also ideal for tenants and building managers looking for better energy savings, greater operational efficiency and increased occupant comfort.

“Grow your business with better lighting controls from a company with over 100 years of lighting expertise,” said Gedela. “Make the right choice with LEDVANCE LINK because you deserve better!”

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