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Leicestershire celebrates major environmental achievements at COP 27

As world leaders continue to discuss the climate crisis at COP 27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, action to reduce carbon emissions continues to be taken closer to home.

The LLEP Business Gateway and its partner Zellar are celebrating a milestone for their pioneering initiative which helps businesses in Leicestershire save money and reduce the carbon they generate.

Eighteen months ago, the LLEP Business Gateway launched the Zellar program, giving 100 local SMEs free access to an online platform through which they could track their carbon emissions and kick-start their sustainability journey.

Today they announced they have so far helped local businesses save £143,000 on their energy bills, allowing them to invest in lasting change to achieve further savings. Participating companies have so far invested £400,000 in green technology since the start of the Zellar scheme and contributed 3,400 volunteer hours to local environmental projects.

Welcomm Communications – a telecommunications company based in Market Harborough – has been using Zellar since the beginning of this year. Their Sustainability Champion, Wendy Savill, said, “Since beginning our sustainability journey, we have been so encouraged by the Zellar platform in so many ways, including realizing the cost savings we have achieved.

“These are due to small changes in the business that were so easy to implement. We are excited to measure more changes in the near future and realize further savings, especially in the economic climate. Many thanks to Zellar for giving us this focus.

Acting Director of LLEP, Sue Tilley, added: “We are very proud of how Leicestershire businesses have embraced this initiative as part of their response to the climate emergency.

“We have always been environmental leaders and it is great to see that tradition continue with our Zellar project, the first of its kind in the UK. We still have 16 free places left if other businesses want to join the program to save money and attract new customers.

Another benefit for the region came in the form of a £600,000 investment from the Co-operative Bank in Leicestershire businessman Gary Styles, who is the founder and CEO of Zellar.

Mr Styles said: “The Co-operative Bank is a perfect investor for Zellar. We have so many common values ​​and they have the highest environmental, social and governance score of any UK bank.

“We are also hugely grateful to LLEP Business Gateway and all of the pioneering businesses in Leicestershire who have supported our journey so far. We urge more companies to get on board and grab these latest free licenses.