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Letter: Santa’s secret donation link is live

Secret Santa is still going strong after more than 20 years. The donation link is live, secure and completely transparent. This is the same secure online platform used by Thurston and LBHS PTA. You can click the link daily to see how much has been donated.

If you’d rather donate gift cards, you can contact me, and I’ll pick them up from you and enter them into the live spreadsheet. Gift cards for grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants in Laguna Beach would be amazing! Thanks!

This year we will be doing a Secret Santa for 15 people from Laguna Beach, plus a cat.

Here are the 15 Laguna people we are helping this year:

1. Agotilio Moreno, goat herder from Laguna Beach (we have to give him his present at the end of November, because he will be in Riverside in December for the holidays).

2. Michael our host from Laguna Beach

3. Single dad and son

4. Single mother with son in Thurston

5. Single mom with her daughter at LBHS

6. Senior woman (without family)

7. Male Senior

8. Single mom with two boys at El Morro & Thurston

9. Single student at LCAD

10. Single female with a cat who needs help with our Laguna Beach Veterinary Medical Center vet (who gives Secret Santa the rescue discount).

We have two cash counters/in-kind donation counters this year, as we have a lot of people and a cat on our list.

As always, for full transparency, the community watchdog, “Sheri Morgan will count the money with me and any donations given. Amy Graboske will be the second money counter.

Photos, receipts and the total amount given to each family will be provided to all donors for full transparency.

The live spreadsheet is in place and is updated daily for all donations and in-kind donations for full transparency. I will email it to all donors.

Many thanks to everyone who has already donated and to this year’s corporate sponsors: Dr. Jeffery Briney DDS, gorjana, The T-Shirt Company at Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach Veterinary Medical Center, Laguna Surf & Sport, Sunless Love Spray Tanning, Clipa, Le Stand Natural Foods

Link to donate:

Celine Macmillan, Laguna Beach

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