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Leven Rail Link: Plans filed for station and shared car park in £116m scheme

A planning application has now been officially submitted to build a new station and car park on land next to Leven’s swimming pool.

The £116m project will include a station behind the Leisure Centre, as well as a Cameron Bridge stop east of the A915.

Plans to change the use of land in the town center have been submitted by Network Rail.

What the new Leven station could look like

They come five years after Michael Matheson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Michael Matheson, announced that the reopening of the rail link, the Methil branch, to Leven from Thornton Junction was to move to the next stage of development.

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Leven station will share a reconfigured car park with the city’s sports centre.

It will include 134 parking spaces, 12 electric vehicle (EV) bays with charging stations and 12 bays with ducts installed for future EV charging stations, as well as four motorcycle parking spaces.

How the new Leven station will fit into the city center

The station will include a waiting area, an ATM, staff facilities and a factory area is proposed to the north of the platform.

The documents filed with the planning application also give an indication of the estimated number of users of the new rail link.

It provides for around 115,000 daily and business journeys per year, with around 1,000 passengers per working day.

Network Rail documents suggest that 28% of demand will be for commuting and 9% for business travel.

A report said: ‘A smaller car park shared with the leisure center is deemed appropriate to discourage the use of this railway station as a park and ride site.

“The proposed Cameron Bridge rail station will accommodate more park and ride users due to its location on the outskirts of town, while Leven will accommodate more local users who will commute to the station in a sustainable way.”

The planning request comes just a month after Network Rail gave the local community a chance to see the station’s proposed designs for the very first time. Two walk-in events were held near the proposed locations for the stations.

Advisors will review the request in due course.