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Link Cleaner PWA can help you quickly clean links on any device

Web links can often be boring to share with other people, with tracking code and other unnecessary variables often added at the end by referral apps or websites. It’s usually fairly easy to remove the extra junk on desktop, but the process can be more difficult and time-consuming on mobile because text selection on touchscreens doesn’t always work well. There is, however, a web application that could help you: Link Cleaner.

Link Cleaner is a progressive web app, accessible with any browser at, which can unnecessarily remove sections of a web link with a click or tap (disclaimer: I’m the developer). Pasting a link will instantly give you the cleaned up version, with one-click options to copy the new link to the clipboard, share it with other apps on your device, or display a QR code for someone to easily scan around you.

Besides opening the website, there are several other ways to shorten links with Link Cleaner. Since it’s a progressive web app, you can “install” it as a system app with browsers like Chrome and Microsoft Edge. On Android, installing Link Cleaner will also add it to the system’s share menu, so you can send links to Link Cleaner directly from any app with a share button. This way it can be used as a quick filter when sharing links: first tap on Link Cleaner, then tap on Link Cleaner’s share button, then finally select the desired destination. Safari on iOS does not support the required Web Share Target API, but a Siri Shortcut is available with the same functionality.

I started using Link Cleaner most often when sharing tweets from the Android Twitter app, which always adds tracking variables to the end of URLs that always take a few seconds to manually remove. I also use it almost every time I write articles from a tablet, because it can potentially mean dozens of links needing to be cleaned up as much as possible, and it’s not fun to do that over and over again and again with Android’s text selection.

Link Cleaner is open-source under the GPLv3 license, and all code is available on GitHub.